Tineco Vacuum Won’t Turn On [9 Possible Fixes!]

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Today, we’re talking about something that’s more frustrating than waiting in long lines – a Tineco vacuum that won’t turn on.

And if you are here, it’s probably ‘cos you were ready to tackle that pile of dust bunnies until you hit the power button on your trusty Tineco machine, and…nothing. Nada. Zip.

But fear not, my friends! Before you toss your Tineco out the window in a fit of rage, there are a few things you can try to get it up and running again 🙂 

Whether you own a Tineco:

  • A10
  • A11
  • iFloor 2
  • iFloor 3
  • Floor One S3
  • Floor One S5
  • Floor One S7
  • Pure One Air
  • Pure One Mini S4
  • Pure One S11
  • Pure One S12
  • Pure One S15
  • Pure One X

This guide will help you:

  • Understand all possible reasons why your Tineco vacuum is not working
  • How to fix each issue
  • And more!

Tineco Vacuum Won’t Turn On – In a Nutshell

If your Tineco vacuum fails to turn on, there could be various reasons for it. The battery might have no power or be overheated, or it could be installed incorrectly or faulty. Additionally, your Tineco may not turn on if the dust bin or DWT is too full, or if the filters, brush inlet, dirt channel, motor air inlet, or tube are obstructed. Another possible cause could be the brush being entangled with hair, or a faulty power switch.

How To Fix a Tineco Vacuum That Is Not Working

I know that sending a vacuum back to the manufacturer is a hassle, so I wanted to make sure to write down a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

In fact, I have listed below 9 different things you can try to revive your Tineco vacuum:

1. Empty The Dust Bin/Dirty Water Tank

If your Tineco vacuum won’t turn on, the first thing to check is the dust bin or dirty water tank, depending on whether:

  • You have an ordinary vacuum like the Tineco A11 
  • You have a wet-dry vacuum like the Tineco iFloor 3. 

When the dust bin/DWT is full, the suction power is reduced, and your Tineco vacuum may shut off to prevent overheating. 

To fix this issue, simply empty the dust bin or dirty water tank, and ensure that you do not go over the tank MAX line next time you clean 🙂 

Tineco dirty water tank

2. Let The Battery Cool Down

If the battery is too hot, you should turn off your Tineco vacuum and let it cool down for at least 60 minutes. 


Always keep your Tineco out of direct sunlight or any other sources of heat, as these can damage the battery and prevent your Tineco vacuum from turning on.

3. Charge The Battery

The battery may simply not have enough power to operate the motor.

For best performance, you’d want the battery to be at least ⅔ charged:

  1. Place your Tineco against the charging dock and plug the dock into a power outlet
  2. Wait for the battery to fully charge (Usually 3 to 4 hours. Check your Tineco vacuum user guide to learn the exact charging time) 
  3. Remove the vacuum from the charging dock 
Tineco charging dock station

If you notice that the battery is not charging, try to plug the charging dock into a different power socket.

At the same time, plug another device, such as a cell phone, into the previous socket.

If the cell phone charges with no issue, while your Tineco vacuum still does not charge, then you may either need to replace the power cord or the battery.

Inspect the cord to see if there is any visible damage. 

If there isn’t any damage, skip to step 8 and replace the battery.

4. Re-install The Battery

Have you recently replaced your Tineco vacuum battery? 

If so, perhaps the new battery was not properly installed, resulting in a machine that does not turn on. 

The connection between the battery and the vacuum must be in line for the motor to operate.

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the battery from your Tineco vacuum
  2. Make sure the battery contacts and the vacuum contacts are clean and free of debris
  3. Re-insert the battery into the vacuum, making sure it clicks into place
  4. Try turning on the vacuum again

To know where to find and replace the battery of the exact Tineco vacuum model you own, click here to find the user manual.

5. Clean The Filters

A dirty or clogged filter can cause the Tineco vacuum to stop working. 

This is because the motor may not be able to get enough air flow, which can cause it to overheat and shut down. 

Most Tineco vacuums come with:

  • A pre-filter
  • An HEPA filter

Your vacuum may also have a mesh filter in the dust bin.

Check your Tineco vacuum’s user manual to locate all the filters and learn how often they should be washed.

Washing frequency:

  • Pre-filter: once a month
  • Mesh filter: once a month
  • HEPA filter: once every 3 months

Simply rinse the filters with water and let them dry completely before installing them in your Tineco vacuum.

You should also replace the pre-filter and HEPA filter as per the user manual:

  • Pre-filter: once every 6 months
  • HEPA filter: once every 12 months
Washing Tineco filter

6. Remove Clogs

There are several parts of your Tineco vacuum that can become clogged, causing your machine to stop working:

  • The tube
  • The power brush inlet
  • The dirt channel
  • The motor air inlet

Unclogging The Tube

The tube/wand of your Tineco vacuum may have restricted workflow due to obstructions forming as a result of constantly vacuuming up large debris and never cleaning the tube.

To clean the tube, simply detach it from the vacuum and use a long object to push the debris from one side of the tube to the other, until you can easily grab the debris with your hand.

Throw the debris in the trash can and also gently tap the tube on the trash can to release any remaining dirt.

Clearing The Power Brush Inlet

The power brush inlet is located within the vacuum head, right behind the brush roll.

To clear the inlet:

  1. Remove the brush roll
  2. Grab the cleaning tool provided to you by Tineco
  3. Clean the inlet until all clogs are gone
  4. Re-install the brush roll
Clearing Tineco power brush inlet

Unclogging The Dirt Channel

The dirt channel is the attachment between your Tineco vacuum head and the tube.

  1. Detach the tube from the vacuum head
  2. Use the 3 in 1 cleaning tool provided by Tineco to remove clogs
  3. Re-attach the tube to the vacuum head
Unclogging Tineco dirt channel

Cleaning The Motor Air Inlet

For wet dry vacuums, the motor air inlet will be visible once you remove the clean dirt water tank:

Cleaning Tineco motor air inlet

For ordinary vacuums, simply remove the dust bin to access the motor air inlet.

In both cases, grab a clean cloth and wipe the inlet to get rid of excessive dirt and debris.

7. Make Sure The Brush Is Not Wrapped With Hair

If the brush is tangled with hair or debris, your Tineco vacuum may not turn on. 

To fix this issue, you should remove any hair or debris from the brush by following these steps:

  1. Remove the brush roller from the vacuum head
  2. Cut through tangled hair using your Tineco cleaning tool or a pair of scissors
  3. Remove any clogs present in the brush roller holder 
  4. Insert the brush roller back in the holder
Tineco brush with tangled hair

8. Replace The Battery

If none of the steps above helped, your Tineco vacuum may need a new battery.

Make sure you consult your user manual to see which battery you need to order.

Once the battery arrives, simply consult the manual to replace the battery.

Charge the new battery fully before using your Tineco vacuum again.

9. Replace The Vacuum Power Switch

The switch of your Tineco vacuum cleaner plays a crucial role as it sends electricity to the motor, allowing it to start working.

Therefore, if your switch is faulty, it will prevent your Tineco vacuum from turning on.

How to test a Tineco vacuum switch

To determine whether your Tineco vacuum switch is faulty, grab a multimeter and test the continuity between the two terminals on the switch. 

  • If there is continuity, then the switch is working correctly 
  • If there is no continuity, the switch needs to be replaced
Measuring continuity with a multimeter

How to replace a Tineco vacuum switch

  1. Order a new power switch from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the power switch in place
  3. Disconnect the wires from the old power switch and remove it
  4. Connect the wires to the new power switch and secure it in place with the screws
  5. Turn on the vacuum and test the power switch to make sure it is working

To be honest, I would let a professional do this for you, or, even better, contact Tineco and take care of the vacuum warranty if possible!

What If The Fixes Above Did Not Help?

Your Tineco vacuum should have come with a 2-year limited warranty against original defects in material and workmanship.

To be eligible for the warranty:

  • The vacuum cleaner must be purchased from authorized Tineco retailers
  • You must follow the requirements outlined in the instruction manual
  • You should only use your Tineco vacuum in a private household
  • The vacuum is used in the country where it was sold

Tineco provides all labor and parts necessary to ensure the vacuum is in proper operating condition at no additional cost to the owner. 

However, there are limitations to the warranty. 

Tineco will not be responsible for costs, damages, or repairs incurred due to appliances purchased from an unauthorized dealer, misuse, careless operation or handling, and lack of maintenance or use not in accordance with the Tineco Instruction Manuals.

It is important to note that the warranty applies only to the original owner and to the original battery. 

To make a claim under the limited warranty, you must provide the serial number and the original purchase receipt with the purchase date and order number on it. 

If your machine is 2 years old or less, contact Tineco support for further assistance.


As you can see, troubleshooting this issue is not as hard as it seems 🙂 

Hopefully, you got your Tineco up and running now.

To recap, here is a list of reasons why your Tineco vacuum might not turn on:

  • The battery has run out of power or is overheating.
  • The battery is not correctly installed.
  • The battery is faulty.
  • The dust bin or dirty water tank is too full.
  • The filters, brush inlet, dirt channel, motor air inlet, or tube are clogged.
  • The brush is completely wrapped with hair.
  • The vacuum switch is faulty.

Contact Tineco support for further assistance through the warranty if the steps above did not help you solve the issue.


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