Tineco Vacuum Not Connecting to WiFi [SOLVED!]

You’ve just unwrapped your new Tineco vacuum cleaner, or maybe you’ve been using it for some time now, and it just won’t connect to WiFi.

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Don’t worry, I have got you covered 🙂

I will walk you through various reasons why your Tineco vacuum is not connecting to WiFi and provide you with easy, step-by-step solutions to get everything working.

Let’s get started!

Tineco Vacuum Not Connecting to WiFi – Here’s How to Solve It

Your Tineco may not connect to WiFi for various reasons, such as an initial setup issue, problems with your router, WiFi signal strength, incorrect WiFi settings, or even problems with the vacuum itself.

In the following sections, we will take each issue one by one, provide steps to solve them, and suggest what to do if the problem persists.

Issue 1: Initial Setup Problems


The first time you set up your Tineco vacuum with your home WiFi can be a bit tricky. Make sure you follow the setup instructions correctly. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn on the vacuum and the WiFi – Ensure that your Tineco vacuum is charged, turned on, and in range of your WiFi signal.
  2. Download the Tineco App – You need the Tineco app to connect your vacuum to WiFi. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
  3. Follow the setup instructions in the app – Open the app, click on ‘Add Device,’ and follow the instructions carefully.
  4. Wait for the connection – After you’ve entered the correct information, the app will try to connect to your vacuum. Be patient as this process may take a few minutes.

Issue 2: Router Problems


Your router is the device that provides WiFi. Sometimes, the router might be causing the problem. Here’s how you can fix this:

  1. Check the router’s WiFi signal – Your vacuum needs a strong WiFi signal to connect. Make sure the router is not hidden or blocked by walls or other objects.
  2. Restart the router – Turn off the router, wait for about a minute, then turn it back on. Wait until it is fully back on before trying to connect the vacuum.
  3. Check the router settings – Make sure your router is broadcasting a 2.4 GHz WiFi signal. Tineco vacuums are not compatible with 5 GHz WiFi signals.

Issue 3: Incorrect WiFi Settings


Sometimes, the problem is with the WiFi settings on your Tineco app. Here’s how to check:

  1. Check the WiFi password – Make sure you’ve entered the correct WiFi password in the Tineco app.
  2. Check the WiFi name – Make sure the WiFi name in the Tineco app matches your actual WiFi name.
  3. Update the app – Make sure your Tineco app is up to date. Sometimes, an outdated app can cause connection issues.

Issue 4: Problems with the Vacuum Itself


Sometimes, the problem may be with the vacuum itself. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Reset the vacuum – You can reset your vacuum by holding the power button for about 10 seconds until you hear a beep. After resetting, try to connect it again.
  2. Check the vacuum’s software
  • Make sure your vacuum’s software is up to date. You can check this in the Tineco app.
  1. Check for physical damage – Check if your vacuum has any physical damage that may be causing the problem. If you see any damage, you may need to get your vacuum repaired.

Issue 5: WiFi Interference


WiFi signals can be disrupted by other devices in your home. Cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors, and other WiFi-enabled devices can all cause interference. Here’s how you can fix this:

  1. Identify potential sources of interference – Try to identify any devices in your home that may be causing WiFi interference.
  2. Move the devices or the vacuum – Once you’ve identified potential sources of interference, try moving these devices away from your vacuum or move your vacuum away from these devices.
  3. Change the WiFi channel – If moving devices isn’t practical, you can try changing the channel on your WiFi router. Consult your router’s manual or contact your Internet Service Provider for instructions on how to do this.

Issue 6: Outdated Router Firmware


The firmware on your router might be outdated, causing connection problems. Here’s how you can update it:

  1. Check your router’s firmware version – You can do this by accessing your router’s settings. Check your router’s manual or contact your Internet Service Provider for instructions.
  2. Update the firmware – If your router’s firmware is outdated, update it. Again, refer to your router’s manual or your Internet Service Provider for instructions on how to do this.

Issue 7: Too Many Devices Connected to WiFi


If you have many devices connected to your WiFi network, it may be overloading the network, making it difficult for your vacuum to connect. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Disconnect unnecessary devices – Try disconnecting devices that are not currently in use from your WiFi network.
  2. Upgrade your WiFi plan – If disconnecting devices isn’t practical or doesn’t help, you might need to upgrade your WiFi plan to support more devices.

Issue 8: Vacuum is Out of WiFi Range


Your Tineco vacuum might be out of range of your WiFi signal.

  1. Move the vacuum closer to the router – If possible, move the vacuum to a location closer to your router and try connecting again.
  2. Use a WiFi extender – If your vacuum needs to be used in a location far from the router, consider purchasing a WiFi extender to increase the range of your WiFi signal.

Issue 9: Firewall or Security Settings


Your router’s firewall or security settings might be preventing the vacuum from connecting.

  1. Check firewall settings – Consult your router’s manual or contact your Internet Service Provider for instructions on how to check your router’s firewall settings.
  2. Adjust settings if necessary – If your firewall settings are blocking the vacuum, adjust them so the vacuum can connect.

Issue 10: Incompatible Router Settings


Some router settings might not be compatible with your Tineco vacuum.

  1. Check the router’s settings – Specifically, check if your router is set to use WPA or WPA2 security. Most Tineco vacuums are not compatible with other security types.
  2. Adjust settings if necessary – If your router is using a different type of security, change it to WPA or WPA2.

Issue 11: VPN Usage


If you’re using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), it might be causing connectivity issues.

  1. Disable VPN – Try disabling the VPN on your mobile device while you’re setting up the vacuum or using the Tineco app.

Issue 12: Device Incompatibility


Your mobile device might be incompatible with the Tineco app or vacuum.

  1. Check device compatibility – Ensure that your device meets the system requirements for the Tineco app.
  2. Try a different device – If possible, try setting up the vacuum with a different device to see if that resolves the issue.

What To Do If None of the Steps Work

If none of the steps above work, check if your vacuum is still under warranty.

Most Tineco vacuums have a two-year warranty, so if it’s less than two years old, it should still be under warranty.

You can check this by looking at your purchase receipt or contacting Tineco’s customer service.

If your vacuum is under warranty, you can get it repaired or replaced by Tineco. If it’s not under warranty, you can still get it repaired, but you may have to pay for the repair.


While a Tineco vacuum not connecting to WiFi can be frustrating, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to try and resolve the issue.

If all else fails, remember to check your warranty and get in touch with Tineco’s customer service.

But, I hope this guide helped you solved the issue 🙂