Tineco iFloor 3 Not Charging [8 Ways To Fix It!]

The Tineco iFloor 3 came out in April 2020 and, since then, has received thousands of positive reviews on websites such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

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It didn’t take long for my best friend to ditch her previous corded vacuum to upgrade to the Tineco iFloor 3.

But like with any vacuum, issues can arise at any time, especially when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners which are much more fragile than their corded counterparts.

An issue my friend had to deal with was that of a Tineco iFloor 3 not charging

Don’t worry, though! I helped her solve the issue and today I am going to help you 🙂

In this post you will learn:

  • Possible reasons why your Tineco iFloor 3 is not charging
  • Steps to take to fix each issue
  • And more!

Why Is My Tineco iFloor 3 Not Charging?

Your Tineco iFloor 3 may not be charging for a variety of reasons, including a damaged outlet or charger, the self-cleaning cycle being active, water present in the charging base, the device already being fully charged, dirty connections on the main body and wall mount, both the adapter and the unit needing cooling down, or the battery needing to be replaced.

Troubleshooting Your Tineco iFloor 3 That Won’t Charge

Below are a few things you can check before resorting to calling Tineco customer support.

Here is also the Tineco iFloor 3 manual in case you need it.

1. Check if the outlet is damaged

If your Tineco iFloor 3 is not charging, carry out the following tests to check that the outlet you are using to dock it into is working:

  1. Plug a different device into the outlet to see whether the outlet itself is the issue
  2. Plug your Tineco vacuum into a different outlet to check if your iFloor3 is the issue

If a different device works in the original outlet, then the issue is with your Tineco. In that case, try the other steps below.

If the issue is the outlet, then your machine is all good 🙂

If neither outlets work, try resetting the circuit breaker.

2. Inspect the power cord or plug

If you have run the tests above and noticed that plugging your Tineco iFloor 3 into a different outlet did not make any difference, then the issue may be that the cord or plug is damaged. 

If they are, then you may need to replace the charger in order for the machine to start charging again.

You can grab this one on Amazon as it is pretty cheap.

Inspect the cord and plug to see if there is any visible damage. 

If there isn’t any damage, try the other steps below before spending money on a new charger, but keep in mind you may need to replace it.

Please note: Not using the original (or a compatible) Tineco charger can also lead to charging issues, so make sure you only replace your current one with an original or compatible charger.

3. Ensure the self-cleaning cycle is not running

A Tineco iFloor 3 comes with a three-in-one docking station that stores, charges, and cleans your device.

To begin charging a Tineco iFloor 3, you simply need to place it on the docking station and plug it in. 

However, the docking station can also be used to initiate the self-cleaning cycle, which requires the battery level to be more than ⅓.

If your Tineco iFloor 3 is not charging it is probably due to the self-cleaning cycle running. In this case, charging will resume after the cleanout process is complete. 

4. Check if water entered the charging base

This will be harder to spot, as the docking station will not work if the charger is damaged.

So, it can be hard to tell whether there is an issue with the actual docking station, unless you have a spare charger that you can plug into the charging base to test it.

Do not attempt to take the charging base apart.

Instead, contact Tineco if you suspect that water has entered the charging base.

5. Observe the battery indicator status as it may be up to the max

When your Tineco iFloor 3 is charged, the battery indicator will show all three lines.

Check that the indicator is not already up to the max, as your Tineco will not charge otherwise.

If the battery does need charging, the LED light indicator should light up blue for more than 10 seconds, to indicate that your Tineco iFloor 3 is charging.

Fully charged Tineco iFloor 3

6. Clean up the connections on main body and wall mount

Try to hold the position at charging contact like in the video below:

If pressing your Tineco iFloor 3 against the charging base solves the issue temporarily, then you can try to clean up the connections on the main body (I use this type of cloth) and wall mount to see if that solves it completely.

If cleaning the connections does not fix the problem for good, contact Tineco for help.

7. Let the adapter and the unit cool down

If your Tineco iFloor 3 has been sitting on the charging station for a few hours, then the unit and the adapter may simply need cooling down.

The same can happen if the charging base sits in a very hot room. In which case, I recommend you move it to a cooler, more ventilated room.

8. Replace the battery

Your Tineco iFloor 3 not charging issue may simply be due to the battery needing replacing.

Contact Tineco as a replacement battery may still be under your warranty depending on when you purchased the appliance.

Amazon sells a couple of compatible batteries such as this one, but honestly they are too expensive in my opinion.

9. Contact Tineco

By now, you may have already contacted Tineco as part of the steps above.

If you haven’t, make sure you do and take advantage of their 2-year warranty!

Here is what their warranty covers:

  • All labor and parts on the condition that the appliance has been used in the country in which it was sold
  • Warranty only valid for private household use in accordance with the Tineco Instruction Manual.

In addition, motorized accessories and battery bought separately come with a 1-year warranty.

Additional Things To Know Regarding Charging a Tineco iFloor 3

  • Only use the Tineco-approved charger to recharge or a charger that is fully compatible. Using the wrong charger may cause a fire hazard 
  • Do not use a damaged or altered battery pack or appliance. Batteries that have been damaged or altered may display unpredictable behavior, resulting in fire, explosion, or injury
  • Do not expose a battery pack or appliance to fire or excessive temperature 
  • Exposure to fire or temperature above 266°F (130°C) may cause an explosion
  • Follow all charging instructions and do not charge the battery pack or appliance outside of the temperature range specified in the instructions. Charging improperly or at temperatures outside of the specified range may damage the battery and increase the risk of fire


How Do I Know if my Tineco iFloor Is Charging?

Check the LED light indicator located in front of your vacuum to see if it lights up blue for more than 10 seconds. If it does, then it means your Tineco iFloor 3 is charging. In addition, you should also see the battery indicator blinking successively. 

How Long Does Tineco Ifloor 3 Battery Last?

When in ECO mode, the runtime of a Tineco iFloor 3 is approximately 25 minutes. When MAX power is used, the runtime is approximately 18 minutes. Runtime can also be affected by the battery age, so if you have had your Tineco for quite a while, contact the manufacturer for a battery replacement to get your appliance back to its original runtime.

How Long Does The Tineco Ifloor 3 Take To Charge?

The Tineco iFloor 3 takes 4 hours to reach a full charge. If you have not used your machine for a long time, make sure you still charge it at least once every 3 months to maintain optimal performance. 

Can You Leave Tineco On Charger?

Yes, you can leave the iFloor 3 plugged in as it will automatically stop charging once fully charged.

Can You Charge Tineco Without Mount?

You do not need to wall mount your Tineco. Simply lie the charging dock flat on the floor, plug it in and place your machine on top to charge it. The vacuum does come with all the accessories needed to wall mount the docking station, so if you decide to do that, simply secure the dock to the wall, then connect the adapter to the dock and outlet. 


As you can see, there are a number of reasons why a Tineco iFloor 3 won’t charge.

To recap, here are the possible causes:

  • The outlet is damaged
  • The cord or plug is damaged
  • The self-cleaning cycle is running
  • Water entered the charging base
  • The battery indicator is already showing full charge
  • Connections on the main body and wall mount need cleaning
  • Both the adapter and the unit need cooling down
  • It is time to replace the battery

Make sure you contact Tineco if none of the above works, as you may still be able to take advantage of their 2-year warranty!