Tineco A11 Flashing Red Light [5 Causes + Steps To Fix]

Is your Tineco A11 showing a flashing red light?

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Whether you own an A11 Hero, A11 Master or A11 Master+, a blinking red light is usually nothing to worry about and it is easy to fix 🙂 

In this post, you will learn:

  • All the possible causes of a Tineco A11 flashing red light
  • How to fix each issue

Tineco A11 Flashing Red Light – In a Nutshell

Your Tineco A11 can show a flashing red light because your machine is out of power. A blinking red light can also appear if the appliance is blocked or the battery is overheated. If the red light flashes as your Tineco A11 is charging, it is more likely to be a battery or charging issue.

How To Stop Your Tineco A11 Vacuum From Showing a Blinking Red Light

As mentioned above, a Tineco A11 Hero, A11 Master or A11 Master+ can show a flashing red light for various reasons.

So, in order to get rid of the annoying light, you will have to go through the step-by-step guide below and try a few things until the blinking stops:

1. Empty The Dust Bin

Tineco A11 vacuums feature a 0.6L dustbin which is a much lower capacity than what upright vacuums can offer.

As a result, your stick vacuum will need to be emptied more often to avoid clogs and overheating:

  • Empty your Tineco A11 vacuum dust bin after each use or
  • Empty it when it is no more than ⅔ full

To empty the bin:

  1. Pull it off the vacuum body
  2. Press the release button on the side of the bin
  3. Release dirt and debris
  4. Twist the mesh filter anti clockwise and remove the filters
  5. Remove any hairs and large debris from around the filters
  6. Put everything back in place

Emptying a Tineco A11 vacuum

For optimal maintenance of your Tineco A11, you should also wash the dust bin using warm water every few months.

Let it dry completely before reattaching it to the body of your stick vacuum cleaner.

2. Remove Clogs From Your Tineco A11 Brush Roller and Wand Tube

A Tineco A11 flashing red light can also occur as a result of clogs that form in the vacuum head/brush roller and wand tube.

Such clogs can lead to loss of suction power and overheating.

Unclogging The Brush Roller

If your Tineco A11 brush roller is clogged it will struggle to spin or stop spinning altogether and the red light will start blinking.

To unblock the brush roll:

  1. Detach the vacuum head from your machine
  2. Flip it upside down
  3. Use a coin to unlock the brush roller lock
  4. Remove the lock plate
  5. Remove the brush
  6. Use a pair of scissors to cut through hairs that are wrapped around the brush
  7. Clean the connector and the brush roller chamber
  8. Place the brush back into the roller
  9. Put the lock plate back and secure it with its lock

Here is a video from Tineco showing the exact process above (Watch until minute 1:00):

Tineco recommends NOT to rinse the brush roller with water, but if you decide to do that, make sure you let it air dry completely before use.

Unclogging The Wand Tube

  1. Detach the wand from your Tineco A11 vacuum
  2. Grab a long object, such as a broom handle, to dislodge any clogs present.

3. Charge The Batteries

If your Tineco A11 light is flashing red and no clogs are present, then the batteries may simply need charging.

Battery life varies based on the model you own:

  • Tineco A11 Master: Up to 60 minutes running time
  • Tineco A11 Master+: Up to 50 minutes running time
  • Tineco A11 Hero: Up to 40 minutes running time

However, running time will drop to around 20 minutes if you use your vacuum in Max mode.

Charging takes approximately 3-4 hours for one battery.

As soon as the battery is charged, you will see three solid blue lights which will go off after 5 minutes.

To charge your Tineco A11 batteries:

  1. Secure the main body and/or the spare battery on the dock
  2. Connect the adaptor to the dock and outlet

When secured on the wall-mounted dock, the battery attached to the main body will charge first, followed by the spare battery.

Tineco A11 batteries being charged

4. Let The Tineco A11 Cool Down

Another possible reason why your Tineco A11 has a blinking red light is because the battery is overheated.

In that case, you may feel that the battery is hot to the touch.

All you have to do is let your Tineco A11 cool down for at least 30 minutes before use.

If the battery keeps on overheating, it may be time to replace it.

You can purchase a new battery via Tineco’s official website.

5. Clean or Replace The Filters

Normally, if your Tineco A11 filters are clogged it will show a blinking pink light rather than a red one.

However, since a Tineco A11 flashing red light can indicate that there is a clog somewhere, cleaning the filters may be a wise step to take!

Tineco A11 vacuums come with 2 filters:

  • A pre-filter which should be washed every month
  • A HEPA filter which should be washed every 3 months

Simply rinse the filters under warm water and let them air dry before use.

Tineco A11 filter being rinsed

Tineco also recommends replacing the filters within the following timeframes:

  • Pre-filter: every 6 months
  • HEPA filter: every 12 months.

You can pick up a pack of filters pretty cheap on Amazon:

Tineco A11 Is Still Flashing Red After Troubleshooting

If your Tineco A11 is still showing a blinking red light after following the steps above, contact Tineco customer support.

Tineco offers a 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and you may be able to get your A11 fixed/or replaced free of charge.

Please note:

  • Warranty only applies to purchases made from authorized retailers
  • It covers original defects in material and workmanship when used for private household purposes in accordance with the Tineco Instruction Manual
  • Motorized accessories and batteries bought separately come with a 1-year warranty


As you can see a Tineco A11 flashing red light is very easy to fix.

To recap:

  1. Ensure the dust bin is emptied regularly
  2. Unclog the brush roll and wand
  3. Charge the batteries
  4. Try to let the appliance cool down
  5. Remove clogs from both filters and replace them if needed

Remember that your Tineco A11 comes with a 2 year warranty, so make sure you contact their customer service if you still need help.


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