Tineco Pink Light Blinking [Easy Fix You Can Try Today!]

Is your Tineco vacuum showing a blinking pink light?

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This is a common issue amongst the A10 and A11 series vacuums, regardless of whether you own a:

  • Tineco A10 Hero
  • Tineco A10 Dash
  • Tineco A11 Hero
  • Tineco A11 Master
  • Tineco A11 Master+ 

But don’t worry! A Tineco pink light blinking is usually something you can easily fix 🙂 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Why your Tineco vacuum is flashing a pink light
  • The steps to take to solve each possible cause

Tineco Pink Light Blinking – Explained

Your Tineco can display a blinking pink light because its filters or suction mouth are blocked. A blocked suction mouth may also prevent your Tineco vacuum from turning on. Dirty filters can cause suction loss and overheating. So, make sure you do not ignore a flashing pink light and remove all blockages immediately.

How To Stop Your Tineco Vacuum From Showing a Blinking Pink Light

As mentioned above, a pink light on your Tineco A10 and A11 may start blinking for two reasons:

  1. Your Tineco filters are dirty
  2. The vacuum head is blocked

Here are some simple steps to follow in order for you to fix both issues:

1. Cleaning The Filters

Most vacuums tend to lose suction power due to dirty or clogged filters.

Luckily, Tineco vacuums come with a cleaning tool that makes cleaning the pre-filter a breeze.

To clean the pre-filter using the tool:

  1. Detach the vacuum body from the tube and vacuum head
  2. Empty the dust bin
  3. Remove the pre-filter from the mesh filter holder
  4. Insert the dirt filter into the cleaning tool
  5. Put a clean filter into the mesh filter holder
  6. Attache the pre-filter cleaning tool to the body
  7. Turn the vacuum on
  8. While the vacuum is running, rotate the side cover to clean the dirty filter
  9. Run the cleaning process for about 60 seconds
  10. Remove the now clean filter and store it somewhere safe for later use
  11. Detach the pre-filter cleaning tool
  12. Re-attach your Tineco tube and vacuum head to the main body

Warning: Do not use this method if you do not have a spare pre-filter at hand. Instead, clean and rinse the filter manually.

Regardless of whether you use the tool, filters should be rinsed every now and then.

Tineco A10 and A11 vacuums come with a total of 2 filters:

  • A pre-filter which should be washed every month
  • A HEPA filter which should be washed every 3 months

Rinse the filters under warm water and let them air dry before use.

Rinsing a Tineco vacuum filter

Tineco also recommends replacing the filters within the following timeframes:

  • Pre-filter: every 6 months
  • HEPA filter: every 12 months.

You can pick up a pack of filters pretty cheap on Amazon:

2. Removing Clogs From The Suction Mouth

A blinking pink light can also occur due to clogs in the suction mouth. Such clogs could even prevent your Tineco from turning on.

While removing clogs from the suction mouth, I recommend you clean up the vacuum head, brush roll, and tube wand (although these would normally cause your Tineco to flash a red light).

Unclogging The Suction Mouth

When talking about “suction mouth”, we want to make sure we clean:

  1. The dust bin inlet which the wand is connected to
  2. The hole located in the vacuum head

To clean the dust bin inlet, simply detach the wand and remove clogs with your hand (make sure the vacuum is off!).

Any clogs located in the vacuum head hole can be removed as part of cleaning the brush roller.

Unclogging the suction mouth of a Tineco vacuum

Unclogging The Brush Roller

This is again an issue that will usually cause a flashing red light, but since we are here to remove clogs, we might as well give our Tineco vacuum a more thorough clean 🙂 

To unclog the brush roll:

  1. Detach the vacuum head from your machine
  2. Flip it upside down
  3. Use a coin to unlock the brush roller lock
  4. Remove the lock plate
  5. Remove the brush
  6. Use a pair of scissors to cut through hairs that are wrapped around the brush
  7. Clean the connector and the brush roller chamber
  8. Place the brush back into the roller
  9. Put the lock plate back and secure it with its lock

Here is a video from Tineco showing the exact process above (Watch until minute 1:00):

Unclogging The Wand Tube

  1. Detach the wand from your Tineco A10/A11 vacuum
  2. Grab a long object, such as a broom handle, to dislodge any clogs present.

Tineco A10/A11 Is Still Flashing Pink After Troubleshooting

If your Tineco A10 or A11 is still flashing pink despite trying everything mentioned above, contact Tineco customer support.

Tineco offers a 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY and you may be able to get your machine fixed/or replaced free of charge.

Please note:

  • Warranty is applicable if you bought the vacuum from authorized retailers
  • It covers original defects in material and workmanship if you have used your Tineco vacuum to clean your home, rather than a building used for business purposes 
  • Motorized accessories and batteries bought separately come with a 1-year warranty


Fixing your Tineco A10/A11 flashing pink light is extremely easy.

To recap:

  1. Regularly clean both filters
  2. Unclog the suction mouth, brush roll, and wand tube

Remember that Tineco A10/A11 series vacuums come with a 2 year warranty. 

Get in touch with their customer service if you are still facing issues with your machine!