Tineco iFloor 2 Not Self Cleaning [SOLVED!]

Are you struggling with your Tineco iFloor 2 not self cleaning and confused as to why this is happening? 

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Fear not! 

I am here to help you get your trusty iFloor 2 back to working properly again 🙂

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The reasons why your Tineco iFloor 2 self-cleaning feature does not work
  • What steps to take to fix the issue
  • When it is time to contact Tineco for assistance

Tineco iFloor 2 Not Self Cleaning – Here Is Why!

Your Tineco iFloor 2 won’t self-clean if you press the wrong button, don’t press and hold the switch button for at least three seconds, the CWT is empty, the DWT is full, your machine isn’t fully charged, the brush roller is clogged, or the plug socket or adapter are faulty. There may also be a bigger issue that will require Tineco’s assistance.

How To Get Self-Cleaning To Work Again

Alright, now that you know why your Tineco iFloor 2 is not self cleaning, let’s try and fix it together one step at a time.

Remember to test the self cleaning feature on your Tineco iFloor 2 after executing each step, so you know when to stop troubleshooting:

1. Ensure You Are Pressing The Correct Button

The Tineco iFloor 2 has two buttons in total:

  1. On/off button
  2. Spot button

Many people mistakenly press and hold the spot button, thinking it is the correct one to initiate a self-cleaning cycle.

Sometimes, this mistake occurs due to how close the spot button is to the on/off button.

First of all, to initiate a self cleaning cycle, you must place your Tineco iFloor 2 on its storage tray, and plug the adapter into the main body.

Then, you need to press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds.

This should immediately start the self-cleaning process, which will last approximately 40 seconds. Your Tineco iFloor 2 will then automatically shut off.

Tineco iFloor 2 buttons

2. Fill Up The CWT 

The Clean Water Tank should be at least 1/3 full of water, but, ideally, you should always fill the tank until it reached the max line, as shown in the image below:

Max line on Tineco iFloor 2 clean water tank

3. Empty The DWT 

A full dirty water tank will affect both the cleaning performance of your Tineco iFloor 2 and the self cleaning feature

If you have just finished cleaning and the dirty water tank is full, empty it before initiating the self-cleaning cycle.

4. Charge Your Tineco iFloor 2 

Your Tineco iFloor 2 needs at least one line of battery to be able to support self-cleaning.

Check the battery level of your machine. 

If the battery is completely flat, let your Tineco iFloor 2 charge first and then test whether self-cleaning works

Since charging the machine fully takes 3 hours, let it charge for at least 1 hour first.

5. Remove Clogs From The Brush 

There may be hairs tangled around the brush roller or other debris preventing it from spinning.

This will in turn cause the Tineco iFloor 2 not self cleaning issue.

To remove clogs:

  1. Remove the brush roll chamber cover
  2. Detach the brush roll and use the 3 in 1 cleaning tool provided by Tineco to remove tangled debris
  3. Wipe the brush chamber to remove any clogs
  4. Re-install the brush roll
  5. Place the cover back
Cleaning Tineco iFloor 2 brush chamber

6. Plug The Adapter Into a Different Socket

If your Tineco iFloor 2 battery does not appear to be charged and it failed to charge when you followed step 4, there may be an issue with the socket your Tineco vacuum is plugged to.

Unplug the adapter from its current wall socket and plug it into a different one.

You can also plug a different appliance or your phone charger into the previous socket to further test where the issue lies.

If changing the socket did not help with charging your Tineco iFloor 2, you may need to replace the adapter.

7. Replace The Adapter

Buying a new adapter is not too expensive.

In fact, you can get an original one directly from Tineco’s website for about $20.

Replacing the adapter will hopefully allow your Tineco iFloor 2 to start charging again, and, as a result, you will be able to initiate a self cleaning cycle 🙂 

What If Troubleshooting Did Not Solve The Self Cleaning Issue?

Tineco iFloor 2 not self cleaning after following all the troubleshooting steps? Then, it’s possible there may be a deeper issue with the machine. 

In this case, don’t hesitate to reach out to Tineco’s customer support team for assistance.

The Tineco iFloor 2 comes with a 2-year warranty, which covers repair or replacement of any in-warranty issues and even includes free shipping, so you can have your machine back to working order in no time.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the warranty will only be valid if:

  • The machine was purchased from authorized retailers
  • Your Tineco iFloor 2 was not used for commercial cleaning purposes

As for motorized accessories and batteries purchased separately, they come with a 1-year warranty. 


If you’re experiencing an issue with your Tineco iFloor 2 not self cleaning, don’t despair!

You can easily troubleshoot and solve the problem by following the suggested steps above. 

To recap:

  1. Press the correct button for at least 3 seconds
  2. Ensure the clean water tank is at least ⅓ full
  3. Empty the dirty water tank
  4. Make sure your Tineco iFloor 2 has enough charge
  5. Unclog the brush roller
  6. Try a different socket
  7. Try a different adapter

If all else fails, contact Tineco to get your iFloor 2 repaired or replaced.