Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning [Fixed]

Shark vacuums are excellent machines.

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But encountering issues like a roller brush that is not spinning can be annoying.

If your Shark vacuum brush is not spinning, it may be due to the roller switch being turned off, lodged debris, a broken brush roll or belt, a faulty motor, or you might simply be using the wrong floor type settings.

In this guide, I will help you troubleshoot the issue and walk you through fixing it.

Why Is My Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning?

A Shark vacuum brush roller can stop spinning for the following reasons:

  • The brush roller is switched off
  • Your Shark vacuum is locked in the upright position
  • You are using the incorrect floor type settings
  • Debris stuck in the roller
  • The brush roller is worn out
  • The vacuum belt is broken
  • The motor is faulty

Whether your Shark Duo Clean, Shark Navigator, Shark Rocket, or Shark Apex vacuum brush is not spinning, this guide will help you troubleshoot most models.

However, make sure you contact Shark if you need further assistance for your specific model.

How Do You Fix A Shark Vacuum Brush That Doesn’t Spin?

A Shark vacuum brush that does not spin can cause your Shark vacuum to overheat, so follow the steps below to fix the issue.

Start with step 1 and stop if a particular step has helped you fix the issue:

1. Check The Brush Roll Switch

Your Shark vacuum brush may not be spinning simply because the roller switch is off.

Therefore, this should be the first thing to check.

Skip this step if your Shark vacuum model does not feature a brush roll switch. But if it does, press the button to check that it enables the roller to spin.

2. Ensure Your Shark Vacuum Is Not Locked In Upright Position

Skip this step if you own a Shark canister vacuum.

Upright vacuums can be locked in the upright position for storage.

When in this position, the brush will not rotate.

To fix this, simply recline your Shark vacuum and switch the roller button on (if available).

Reclined Shark vacuum

3. Use The Correct Floor Type Settings

Most Shark vacuums feature settings you can change based on the height of the carpet.

For example, if you set the vacuum height too low while on a Premium Soft Carpet, the motor could stall, and the brush will not rotate.

Change the Floor Type Settings to the appropriate height.

Then, reset the brush motor by turning off your Shark vacuum, unplug it, plug it back in, and turn it back on.

Change Shark floor settings

4. Remove Any Lodged Debris

If steps 1-3 did not help, you should check for any lodged debris that could prevent your Shark vacuum roller from spinning.

There may be long hair tangled around the roller brush, as well as small debris that got stuck. 

Some Shark vacuums feature a light that changes from green to red when debris gets stuck in the brush roll, so watch out for it.

I recommend you consult the user manual of your specific Shark vacuum model, as it will tell you exactly how to remove the brush roll, clean it, and put it back.

However, the steps below will give you an idea of how you can proceed:

Step 1: Grab a screwdriver and take off the plastic lid located at the bottom of your Shark vacuum. 

Step 2: Remove the roller.

Step 3: Check for lodged hair and lint. Clean the brush to remove debris.

Step 4: Put the roller down on the floor in a vertical position. 

Step 5: Use one hand to push the brush roll to the floor while rotating it with the other hand. This will allow you to evaluate whether the roller spins smoothly. If it doesn’t, replace it. 

Clogged Shark brush roller

5. Replace Brush Roller 

If your Shark vacuum roller fails to spin despite getting rid of all the debris, you may need to replace it.

Check your Shark vacuum manual to identify the exact name of your model.

Ordering the correct part is crucial!

Once you receive the new brush roller, follow these steps:

Step 1: Grab a screwdriver and take off the plastic lid located at the bottom of your Shark vacuum. 

Step 2: Remove the old brush roll.

Step 3: Install the new roller brush, ensuring the belt is positioned correctly on the motor shaft and the roller. 

Make sure you read the manufacturing instructions to see what steps to take for your specific model.

6. Replace The Belt 

When excessive debris gets lodged in the brush roller, the vacuum has to work harder. Clumps of hairs may even get your Shark vacuum to stop working.

This results in extra tension on the belt, causing it to break.

Check your Shark vacuum manual to identify the exact name of your model.

This will enable you to order the correct belt for your vacuum.

Once you receive the new belt, follow these steps:

Step 1: Grab a screwdriver and take off the plastic lid located at the bottom of your Shark vacuum. 

Step 2: Remove the brush roll.

Step 3: Remove the belt.

Step 4: Grab the new belt and attach one side to your Shark vacuum motor shaft.

Step 5: Stretch the belt over the correct side of the brush.

Step 6: Put the roller back in your vacuum.

Step 7: Close the lid and secure it with screws.

To help you further, here are the videos for two different Shark vacuum models:

How to Fix a Shark Duo Clean Vacuum Brush Not Spinning:

How to Fix a Shark Rocket Vacuum Brush Not Spinning:

How to Fix a Shark Powered Lift-away Vacuum Brush Not Spinning:

7. Get The Motor Checked

If the motor that powers your Shark brush roll has failed, the brush won’t spin.

A failure can occur due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • a power surge
  • overheating
  • long-term wear and tear

I recommend that at this point you consult a professional, as it can be difficult to repair a motor at home.

Depending on the age and warranty status of your vacuum, it might be more cost-effective to replace the entire unit rather than repairing the motor.

Check also whether your Shark vacuum is under warranty and contact Shark to see if they can help you with the issue.

Do Shark Brush Rollers Wear Out?

Yes, Shark vacuum cleaner brushes wear out because they continuously rub against the carpet. Like a toothbrush, the vacuum cleaner roller bristles can flatten and get too soft, so you should replace vacuum cleaner brushes regularly.

When Should I Replace My Shark Vacuum Brush Roller?

On average, Shark vacuum brush rollers need replacing every 1-2 years. However, you may need to replace it more often if you use your Shark vacuum daily. Inspect the brush roll to see if the bristles are worn out and loose. That is a good indication that the vacuum brush roller needs changing.


There are so many reasons why your Shark vacuum brush may not be spinning. Troubleshooting is crucial to get your vacuum roller to spin again:

  1. Check that the brush roller is switched on
  2. Ensure your Shark vacuum is not locked in the upright position
  3. Use the right floor type settings
  4. Remove any lodged debris 
  5. Replace the brush roller
  6. Replace the belt 
  7. Check if the motor is faulty

Contact Shark consumer care for further assistance.