Bissell Crosswave Not Charging [SOLVED – Easy Fix]

Cordless vacuums have increased in popularity, and, although they are quite handy machines, it can get frustrating when you encounter issues with the battery.

A Bissell Crosswave not charging can be the result of a damaged cord, a clogged brush roll, water that has entered the charging plug, a running cleanout cycle, or the lights no longer being on.

But let’s troubleshoot your issue together, so you can finally fix it 🙂

Why Is My Bissell Crosswave Not Charging?

Your Bissell CrossWave may not be charging for different reasons:

  • The cord or plug are damaged
  • Damaged outlet
  • The cleanout cycle is running
  • Water entered the charging plug
  • The lights are not on
  • The brush roll is clogged

Cordless models are different from their corded counterparts in that they don’t use an electrical cord to connect them to the source of power. Instead, they rely on a battery which can sometimes cause problems with charging.

Bissell vacuum cleaners are built to last, but sometimes something goes wrong. If you’re having issues with the cordless battery life or the charging cable, it may be worth taking the time to call Bissell Support instead of buying a new charging station. Bissell will repair or replace your cordless vacuum, but it can be a hassle.

However, you could first try the fixes below:

1. The cord or plug is damaged

The first thing you should check if your Bissell Crosswave isn’t charging is whether the cord or plug is damaged. If they are, then you’ll need to replace them in order for the machine to start charging again.

2. Damaged outlet

If your Bissell CrossWave is not charging, check that the outlet you are using to dock it into is working.

Plug a different device to see whether the outlet is the issue.

Then, also try plugging in your Bissell CrossWave to a different outlet to test the machine itself.

Finally, reset the circuit breaker if needed.

3. The cleanout cycle is running

A Bissell CrossWave comes with a three-in-one docking station that stores, charges, and cleans your device.

To begin charging a Bissell CrossWave vacuum, simply place it on the docking station and plug it in. 

Charging will be temporarily halted while the cleanout cycle is running. It will then restart after the cleanout process is complete. 

4. Water entered the charging plug

To keep your Bissell CrossWave in great condition, it is important to wipe out the tray after every use.

But if water gets into the charging plug, it can cause the machine not to charge.

Contact Bissell’s customer support for help fixing the docking station.

5. The three white lights are now off

The lights on the Bissell CrossWave indicate how charged the battery is.

A red blinking light indicates that the battery is fully discharged.

When it’s fully charged, the Bissell CrossWave will have three white lights.

These tend to go off after 10 minutes to save energy, so your Bissell CrossWave might already be charged even if it does not look like it!

6. The brush roll is clogged

If you are using your Bissell vacuum and it suddenly stops working, there might be a clog in the brush roll.

This means that there is an obstruction in the machine that is preventing it from functioning properly.

.To clear the obstruction and restart the vacuum, press the hard floor button twice.

If the flashing red lights continue, there may be an internal error and you should contact Bissell’s customer service for help.


How long does the Bissell CrossWave battery last?

The Bissell CrossWave runs on a 36V lithium-ion battery, providing up to 30 minutes of power. This means that you can use it cordlessly for half an hour before having to place it back on the docking.

How long does Bissell CrossWave take to charge?

The Bissell CrossWave takes 4 hours to fully charge. However, if the battery is not completely discharged, it will take less than 4 hours.

Can I leave my Bissell CrossWave plugged in all the time?

No, we do not recommend leaving your Bissell CrossWave on the charger. Overcharging may cause battery damage, fire, or explosion.

How do I know when my Bissell CrossWave cordless max not charging vs when it is charging?

The flashing battery icon on your CrossWave indicates that the machine is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the light will stop flashing and stay lit.

Does the Bissell CrossWave cordless vacuum cleaner have a manual?


We hope you now know how to fix your Bissell CrossWave not charging!

To recap, here are the possible causes:

  • The cord or plug is damaged
  • Damaged outlet
  • The cleanout cycle is running
  • Water entered the charging plug
  • The lights are not on
  • The brush roll is clogged


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