Why Does My Bissell Vacuum Belt Keep Breaking? [Complete Guide]

Vacuum belts are an essential component of most vacuums on the market.

That’s ‘cos they enable the brusher bars to rotate and pick up all the dirt present on your carpets.

However, vacuum belts can break for a number of reasons.

Usually, Bissell vacuum belts break due to too much hair, string, or lint being caught in the brush roll. The debris makes the roller stop turning while the belt is still spinning. The resulting friction causes the belt to burn and break.

Let’s look into what you can do to prevent this from happening again!

Why Does My Bissell Vacuum Belt Keep Breaking?

There are a few reasons why your vacuum belt might keep breaking, including improper installation and excessive wear and tear. But, if your Bissell vacuum belt keeps on breaking, it is probably due to a buildup of debris in your roller.

If there is too much build-up on the brushroll, it will eventually put stress on the belt and cause it to break.

What Happens When A Bissell Vacuum Cleaner’s Belt Breaks?

If you’re like most people, when your vacuum cleaner belt breaks, the first thing you’ll do is panic. After all, a broken belt can mean that your vacuum cleaner is no longer able to function properly!

When your Bissell vacuum cleaner‘s belt breaks, it needs to be replaced as possible or else other problems will start occurring with the machine.

In fact, if the belt isn’t replaced in time, further pressure will be put on the motor. As a result, it will start spinning faster, causing your Bissell vacuum to overheat.

Can A Bissell Vacuum Work Without A Belt?

The belt on a vacuum cleaner is important for picking up dirt from carpets. If the belt breaks, the vacuum cleaner won’t be able to function properly.

How Do I Stop My Bissell Vacuum Belt From Breaking?

There are a few things you can do to stop your Bissell vacuum belt from breaking:

Clean The Brush Rollers

If your vacuum belt breaks, it could be the result of overload.

Overload is typically caused by too much dirt and debris being sucked up by the vacuum at one time, resulting in lots of debris caught in the roller. This can put excessive stress on the belt and cause it to break.

So, make sure you clean your Bissell vacuum roller regularly.

Avoid Setting The Vacuum Height Too Low

One way to prevent your Bissell vacuum belt from breaking is by avoiding setting the vacuum height too low.

An extremely low height will:

  • Make the rollers reduce speed, which builds up heat and friction
  • Makes the drive shaft spin faster, causing the vacuum belt to heat up and stretch

Install The Right Belt

It is mandatory to use the correct belt when replacing your existing one. If the wrong belt is used, it can cause your Bissell vacuum cleaner to break.

Be sure to know which type of belt your vacuum uses and purchase the corresponding replacement belt. There are many different models and types of belts, so make sure you check which Bissell which one you should buy for your machine.

Install The Belt Properly

When installing a belt, it is crucial that you adjust it for the correct tension. If there is too much or too little tension, the belt will break prematurely.

Signs That Your Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Belt is Going Bad

If your Bissell vacuum cleaner belt is starting to go bad, you’ll likely see a number of different signs.

For example, the machine might start making more noise than usual, or it may not be able to pick up dirt and debris as well as it used to.

Additionally, you may find that the roller brush isn’t spinning properly – which means that the vacuum can’t actually do its job!

Another sign that your belt needs replacing is if the suction power is weak.

And finally, if you try to pull on the machine and it breaks free from your grip, then there’s a good chance the belt has already given out.

What Happens If You Put The Wrong Belt on Your Bissell Vacuum?

Putting the wrong belt on a vacuum can cause it to malfunction and/or break. Each belt is meant for a specific vacuum type, so make sure you contact Bissell to check which belt your vacuum needs.

How To Replace a Bissell Vacuum Belt

Follow the steps below to replace your Bissell vacuum belt:

  1. Access the vacuum brushroll area at the bottom of the machine
  2. Unscrew the bottom plate screws and remove the plate from the housing
  3. Remove the old belt from around both the motor shaft and brush roller.
  4. Install your new belt onto both of these items in reverse order–the motor shaft first, then slide it over the brushroller.
  5. Put everything else back into their original positions

Once reassembled, plug in your vacuum cleaner and turn it on for a test run!


The belt is a key component of your Bissell vacuum cleaner. By performing the appropriate maintenance, you can avoid serious problems with your machine.

To avoid your Bissell vacuum cleaner belt from breaking again, make sure you clean the vacuum roller after each use, replace the broken belt with the right one, and install the new one correctly.


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