How Often Should I Vacuum My Couch? [6 Steps To Clean It]

Vacuuming should be a regular chore in every household.

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But not many realize that vacuuming the couch should also be included in their routine!

So, how often do you need to clean your couch with a vacuum?

Let’s take a look at frequency along with tips on how to clean it properly 🙂 

How Often Should I Vacuum My Couch?

You should vacuum your couch every week unless you use a washable couch cover to protect it. Dust, pet, and germs accumulate on your couch just like they do on other furniture and on your floor, so regularly vacuuming your couch can help you get rid of allergens and eliminate dust mites.

If you do have young children or pets, you may want to vacuum your couch more than once a week, maybe three times a week, depending on how much crumbs, fur, and dirt have accumulated on it.

Never vacuum a leather couch, though, as it can get ruined!

You can easily clean leather by just wiping it instead; this makes leather sofas an excellent buy for those who suffer from allergies.

Wipe down your leather couch once a week with a soft microfiber cloth.

Why Should You Vacuum Your Couch?

Couches are one of the dirtiest pieces of furniture in the house since we sit on them all day.

When left dirty for long periods of time, food, hair, fur, dust, dandruff, and germs can accumulate.

As a result, you and your family can develop allergies and infections. 

Vacuuming your couch can help prevent germs from spreading.

It is recommended that you use a bagged vacuum with a good HEPA filter, along with a crevice tool that will help you get around the cushions.

How Do I Clean My Couch With a Vacuum?

Now that you know how often you should vacuum your couch, let’s look at what you need and the steps to take to clean it the right way.

What You Need

All you need to vacuum your couch is:

  1. A vacuum cleaner (Best if with a HEPA filter)
  2. Crevice attachment
  3. Upholstery attachments

Next, follow the steps below:

1. Remove All Cushions 

Put the cushions aside so that you can easily clean the bottom of your couch.

Make sure you put the cushions somewhere clean or they will accumulate more dirt.

2. Pick Up Any Object That Had Fallen Under The Cushions 

You’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff such as coins and receipts you can find under the cushions!

Pick these up and set them aside (or throw them away), or else they will clog your vacuum cleaner.

3. Vacuum The Inside Corners 

It is time to clean the inner sides that meet the seat bottoms!

Simply grab the crevice attachment of your vacuum cleaner and vacuum around the area.

4. Vacuum Stubborn Debris With The Upholstery Attachment 

You may need to use your vacuum upholstery attachment to pick up hair and fur.

Switch between the crevice attachment and the upholstery attachment depending on the area of the couch you are vacuuming.

5. Vacuum The Cushions

Vacuum the top and the bottom of your couch cushions, making sure you do so in a grid pattern.

If necessary, use a dry brush to loosen dirt and vacuum it up with your upholstery attachment.

Once clean, fluff up the cushions and put them back on the couch.

6. Vacuum Around The Couch

Debris can get anywhere, and, believe me… If you have pets or children, you will likely find a lot of debris under the couch.

Move the couch to vacuum around it and under it. 

How Often Should I Vacuum Between The Cushions?

Again, this depends on how often you use your couch, whether you use a cover to protect it and whether you have pets or children at home.

If you do not use a cover on your couch but you sit on it daily, you will need to vacuum between the cushions at least once a week.

What If I Don’t Have Time To Vacuum My Couch?

Vacuuming your couch weekly is a huge commitment – I get it!

So, what I do is simply cover the couch and then wash the cover every two weeks.

You could purchase two covers and alternate between them while one is in the wash.

Bear in mind you may still want to vacuum visible crumbs as you don’t want them to end up in your washing machine!

Still, this will be less of a commitment than having to vacuum your couch on a weekly schedule! 


Keeping your couch clean is a must! 

So, it is important to know how often you should vacuum your couch to keep it germ-free.

Here is a recap:

  • Vacuum once a week if you use your couch daily
  • Vacuum two or three times a week if you have pets or children
  • Vacuum only visible crumbs if you use a washable cover for your couch
  • Do not vacuum leather couches, ever! Wipe them with a microfiber cloth instead