Eufy G20 vs G30: A Comprehensive Comparison

Hello, vacuum enthusiasts and clean-freaks alike!

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Today, we’re pitting two super-duper dust-busting machines against each other: the Eufy G20 vs G30.

We’ll be diving deep into the nitty-gritty details of each, from their fancy features to their fantastic (and not-so-fantastic) traits.

So, if you are looking to find out which of the two robot vacuums is best for your needs, keep reading 🙂

Eufy G20 vs G30: The Verdict

Drum roll, please… We’re declaring the Eufy G30 as the superior vacuum!

It’s not without its quirks, but we believe it’s the stronger choice.

But hey, don’t take our word for it just yet!

Stick around, and we’ll walk you through the hows and whys behind our verdict.

Eufy G20

Great suction power (2500 Pa)Doesn’t navigate well
Can detect stairs, preventing fallsContinuously vacuums the same spot and misses other areas
User-friendly appOften runs over its base while vacuuming
Easy to cleanStruggles to return to base for charging
Quiet operation (low to 56dB)Mediocre battery life (~15min per room)

Eufy G30

Effective at picking up pet hair and cat litterMay get stuck under certain furniture
Great at reaching under furniture and into cornersStruggles with shag rugs
Returns to base when finished or needs chargingLess suction power than G20 (2000 Pa)
Detailed cleaning history available in the app
Not too loud (low to 56dB)
Automatically increases suction power when needed (BoostIQ Technology)
Maintains cleaner house due to routine cleaning

Overview of Eufy G20

Let’s kick things off with the Eufy G20, a powerful little robot with a mighty appetite for dust.

Here’s the rundown: it’s sleek, quiet (think microwave-hum levels), and it can zip around your room like a tiny race car, vacuuming up messes in its path.

Best of all? It has its own app, so you can control it right from your phone.

However, it seems to have a bit of a navigation problem.

It can’t always find its way back to its base and tends to vacuum the same spot over and over again. But hey, don’t we all get a bit lost sometimes?

Overview of Eufy G30

Moving on to the G30!

This clever vacuum has a built-in ‘Path Tracking Sensor’ to navigate your home, which means it’s better at avoiding obstacles and won’t get stuck as much.

Plus, it can adjust its suction power to tackle extra dirty areas, which is pretty cool!

While it also has an app, the G30’s version can actually show you where and when your robot cleaned.

It’s also great with pet hair, perfect for cat owners. However, be warned, shaggy rugs are its arch-nemesis!

Eufy G20 vs G30: In-depth Comparison

When it comes to design, both models are sleek, low-profile cleaning machines that can get under most furniture with ease.

They’re both pretty quiet, with the noise level no louder than a softly humming microwave.


In terms of features, both models can be controlled via app and support voice assistants like Alexa.

But, the G30’s app gives a cleaning history, which the G20’s app lacks.

Plus, the G30 has a cool feature called BoostIQ that cranks up the suction power when needed!

Suction Power

When it comes to cleaning power, the G20 has the stronger suction of the two, boasting 2500 Pa compared to the G30’s 2000 Pa.

However, both models are highly effective at picking up everyday messes, so you’ll have squeaky clean floors either way.

Navigation Capabilities

The biggest difference lies in their navigation capabilities.

The G20 has been known to struggle with finding its charging base and tends to overclean certain areas.

On the other hand, the G30 has Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0, allowing it to clean more efficiently and purposefully.


Eufy offers a 12-month warranty for G20 owners, covering any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise.

For the G30, they offer a 3-month worry-free warranty, a bit less coverage, but rest assured, they’re committed to their customer’s satisfaction.

User reviews and Ratings

In general, users of both models have positive things to say about their Eufy vacuums.

However, they do note that while the G20 has better suction power, the G30’s smart navigation and robust feature set make it a more versatile and effective cleaning solution.

Price Comparison

The exact prices can vary depending on where you look, but generally speaking, the G30 is a bit more expensive than the G20.

But, considering its enhanced navigation and feature set, many would say it’s worth the extra cost.


While both vacuums have their strengths, we believe the Eufy G30 pulls ahead thanks to its smarter navigation and more versatile feature set.

It might be a little pricier, but in our opinion, the extra convenience and peace of mind are worth the cost 🙂

So, there you have it!

Now we want to hear from you. Will you buy an Eufy G20 or G30?

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