Dyson Vacuum Smells Like Burning [Potential Fire Hazard!]

Have you recently noticed a burning smell coming out of your Dyson vacuum?

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This is something you absolutely should NOT ignore, as the issue may cause your Dyson vacuum cleaner to stop working or may even lead to fire!

If your Dyson vacuum smells like burning, I recommend you read through the guide below to learn how to keep the machine in tip-top shape, as well as keeping your family safe.

The guide covers:

Why Your Dyson Vacuum Smells Like Burning

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner can smell like burning if the motor is overheated, the belt is frayed or broken, the roller brush is jammed, the dustbin or bag are full, the hose is clogged, or the power cord is damaged. You will need to inspect each component one by one to pinpoint the culprit.

Why Taking Immediate Action Is a Must

As mentioned in the intro, ignoring a burning smell coming from your Dyson vacuum cleaner could lead to a broken Dyson and to a safety hazard. 

If you notice this smell, make sure you troubleshoot the issue to fix the route cause. 

But don’t panic! The burning smell may simply indicate that your Dyson’s dustbin is too full. Still, it i worth conducting a thorough inspection of your Dyson to prevent any potential electrical damage to the machine.

What Should You Do If Your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Smells Like Burning

The first thing you should do if your Dyson vacuum cleaner starts to smell like it’s burning, turn the vacuum off and unplug it.

Then, troubleshoot your Dyson in the order listed below: 

1. Check That Your Dyson Vacuum Power Cord Is Not Damaged

A damaged power cord is a serious safety hazard as it can cause your Dyson vacuum to overheat and potentially lead to a fire.

You can easily damage a power cord through day-to-day tasks such as leaving your Dyson near a source of heat for extensive periods of time. 

In addition, old power cords can become more frail as the insulation on the cord degrades.

Damaged power cord

How to fix it:

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s power cord looks damaged, ask a professional to replace it with a new one. 

But if you are good at DIY and decide to replace the power cord yourself, keep in mind that doing so may void your Dyson’s warranty!

Watch this video by FIX Tech Guides to learn how to replace a vacuum power cord:

2. Empty Your Dyson Vacuum Dustbin

Personally, I prefer emptying my Dyson vacuum’s dustbin after each use.

However, I understand not everyone wants to do that, in which case I recommend you empty your Dyson vacuum at least once it gets 3/4 full.

Dyson vacuum dust bin max line

Sometimes, a full dustbin can cause your Dyson vacuum cleaner to smell like it’s burning as the machine has to exert extra effort to suction dirt and debris, leading to overheating of the motor.

What to do about it:

Simply empty your Dyson vacuum after each use or when it is no more than 3/4 full.

If you are worried about emptying your Dyson vacuum regularly and release too much dirt in the air, check out this article on how to empty vacuum cleaners without creating dust clouds

In addition, I recommend to wash a Dyson vacuum bin at least once every six months.

3. Clean Your Dyson Vacuum Roller Brush 

Whenever too much hair clogs up your Dyson vacuum brush, your motor will begin to work harder than it should.

This can lead the motor to overheat and emit a burning smell. 

How to fix it: 

  1. To remove a clog from your roller brush, unplug your Dyson
  2. Unscrew the plate usually locate on the side of the brush
  3. Remove your Dyson brush roller and use a pair of scissors to cut through the hair
  4. Wash the brush with warm water
  5. Let it air dry for at least 24 hours
  6. Put the roller brush back into your Dyson vacuum cleaner
  7. Put the side plate back in position, along with its screws
Removing Dyson roller brush

4. Unclog Your Dyson Vacuum Hose

A blocked vacuum hose can lead to reduced suction power.

In addition, the presence of clogs in your Dyson vacuum can put additional pressure on the motor, causing it to overwork.

This can result in an unpleasant burning smell coming from your Dyson vacuum cleaner as the motor strains to suction the dirt and debris.

How to clean a clogged hose: 

  1. Detach the hose from the machine
  2. Grab a long object such as a broom to remove any obstructions from the hose
  3. Rinse the hose with water and allow it to air dry
  4. Re-connect the hose to your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

5. Check The Belt and Replace It If Necessary

The belt plays a crucial role in your Dyson vacuum as it drives the rotation of the brush roll, which effectively loosens dirt and debris from the carpet

Where is it: 

You will usually find the belt in your Dyson vacuum head, hooked around one end of the brush roll.

Signs it needs to be replaced: 

Check if your Dyson vacuum belt looks damaged. If it is, then it is probably time to replace it.

The video below should help you change the belt.

However, as you may own a different Dyson vacuum model, I recommend you refer to your product’s user manual:

6. Check For Motor Problems

The motor in your Dyson is what powers the vacuum and allows it to suck up the debris around your home. 

It features coils that rotate when electricity is sent to them. 

This produces a magnetic field that turns the shaft of the motor, which in turn powers your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

What can cause a burning smell in the motor:

There are several things that can cause your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s motor to produce a burning smell. 

For example, the resistance caused by clogs located anywhere in your Dyson can lead the coils to overheat.

The same thing can occur if the coils are filthy or if something is wrong with the electrical connection to the coils. 

Finally, it’s possible that the bearings in the motor are worn out, causing friction and heat build-up.

How to fix it:

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s motor is producing a burning smell, you will need to take it apart and inspect it for damage. 

However, I really do not recommend you do this step yourself.

Instead, you should take your Dyson vacuum cleaner to a professional and let them do it for you.

If your Dyson is still under warranty, contact Dyson and ask them for assistance.


As you can see, your Dyson vacuum can smell like burning for several reasons.

Some are easier to fix than others, but always make sure you consult the user manual or a professional whenever you need to.

To recap, here is what you should check if your Dyson vacuum smells like burning:

  1. Check for power cord damage
  2. Empty your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s bin or replace the bag
  3. Remove any clogs from the roller brush
  4. Clean the hose
  5. Inspect your Dyson vacuum’s motor for any issue

Remember to always keep your vacuum clean and use it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that your Dyson will last longer!