Can You Vacuum A Jute Rug? [Use The Right Technique!]

Jute goes all the way back to the 3rd millennium BC, when the Indus civilization used to make textiles using this natural fiber.

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Today, we get to enjoy beautiful jute rugs that are durable and low-maintenance!

We all know that this material is easy to clean. But can you vacuum a jute rug?

In this post, you will learn:

  • Whether you can vacuum a jute rug
  • How to vacuum a jute rug the right way
  • Types of vacuums to use 
  • And more!

Can You Vacuum A Jute Rug? 

Yes, you can vacuum a jute rug using a regular vacuum. Vacuum the rug twice a week so that the dirt does not accumulate in the jute fibers. Make sure you go over the jute rug from different directions, as well as vacuuming both sides of it. You may need to vacuum the rug more often if foot traffic is high. 

Are Jute Rugs Hard To Vacuum?

No, jute rugs are really easy to vacuum.

That’s because they do not need to be vacuumed by following specific rules.

For example, with some types of rugs you may need to vacuum only in one direction or may need to avoid certain types of vacuum cleaners.

With jute rugs, however, all you have to do is move the vacuum back and forth in all directions.

How Do You Vacuum A Jute Rug?

Whether you need to vacuum a chunky or a braided jute rug, the process is the same.

Jute rugs feature an earthy texture that allows dirt to hide on the surface.

For this reason, you can either just shake your jute rug or vacuum it twice a week.

Here is how you should vacuum your jute rug:

  1. Preferably use a lightweight vacuum that will allow you to move with ease
  2. Switch off the roller brush
  3. Begin vacuuming back and forth in all directions
  4. Vacuum both sides of your jute rug

Although frequent vacuuming can extend the lifespan of your jute rug, make sure you also get rid of stains as soon as spillage occurs:

  1. Grab a paper towel or any other dry cloth to carefully blot at the spot.
  2. Blot the spot until you get as much liquid as you can
  3. Do not rub the spot as it will push the liquid into the fibers
  4. Mix dish soap with warm water at a 50/50 split
  5. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and then dab the spot where the spillage was
  6. Dry each spot using a hair dryer
  7. Never leave a jute rug wet as that can cause further stains

Can You Use A Roomba On A Jute Rug?

Yes, you can vacuum a jute rug using a Roomba, since jute rugs need to be vacuumed from all directions. 

Furthermore, jute rugs are sturdy enough for their corners not to be caught by your Roomba.

There are no specific strict rules when vacuuming a jute rug, such as starting from the middle and working our way outwards like we would do with a cowhide rug.

For this reason, your Roomba will be able to pick up dirt from your jute rug as the vacuum proceeds to clean around the room.

Best Vacuum For A Jute Rug

I personally recommend using a vacuum that is lightweight and that comes with a rotating roller brush which can easily be switched off when needed.

A lightweight vacuum will help you move over the rug with ease, while disabling the rotating roller brush will help you keep the jute rug fibers intact.

In addition, upright vacuums come with various attachments that can help you clean more stubborn debris.

Read this article to get the best vacuum for jute rugs.


Vacuuming a jute rug is pretty simple and only needs to be done twice a week, unless the foot traffic on the rug is really high.

  1. If possible, use an upright vacuum
  2. Switch off the rotating brush to prevent the jute rug fibers from getting ruined
  3. Vacuum back and forth in all directions

Make sure you also wipe the rug when spills occur for proper maintenance!


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