Bissell Spinwave vs Shark Steam and Scrub: Battle of the Mop Masters

In the realm of effective home cleaning solutions, floor care is paramount, and choosing the right mop can make a world of difference. The Bissell SpinWave and Shark Steam and Scrub are two notable contenders that promise to deliver superior cleaning performance. Through extensive personal use and thorough assessment, I’ve gleaned insights into what sets these two products apart and which might be best suited for your household needs. The Bissell SpinWave has made its mark with ease of use and efficiency in cleaning various floor types, while the Shark Steam and Scrub boasts its steam-powered sanitizing capabilities.

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Navigating the myriad of options for floor care can be daunting, but zeroing in on key features and real-world performance helps in making an informed decision. The Bissell SpinWave’s dual spinning pads have shown adeptness in handling everyday messes and polishing the floors, providing a noticeable sheen and cleanliness. Conversely, the Shark Steam and Scrub uses the natural power of steam to tackle grime and sanitize, which has been especially useful in homes focused on eliminating bacteria without the use of chemicals. I’ve discovered that both models come with their own set of mopping pads and functions to cater to different cleaning needs, from gentle upkeep to deep cleaning.

Key Takeaways

  • The Bissell SpinWave excels in gentle cleaning and floor polishing.
  • The Shark Steam and Scrub harnesses steam to sanitize while cleaning.
  • Choosing the right model depends on your cleaning preferences and floor type.

Overview of Bissell Spinwave and Shark Steam and Scrub

In my experience with floor cleaning products, the Bissell Spinwave and Shark Steam and Scrub stand out for their usability and cleaning efficiency.

Bissell Spinwave

  • Features: The Spinwave is a versatile, cordless mop. It’s enhanced with a robust set of cleaning pads tailored for different surfaces, and operates in a solitary but effective mopping mode. Its primary mechanism involves rotating pads that gently scrub the floor.
  • Cleaning: I found that the Spinwave performs well on a variety of hard floors, utilizing cleaning solutions to break down dirt and grime. Its cordless design offers excellent maneuverability without the hassle of a power cord.

Shark Steam and Scrub

  • Features: The Shark Steam and Scrub, contrastingly, is a corded mop that leverages steam to sanitize and clean floors. Its scrubbing action, combined with the steam, provides a thorough clean.
  • Cleaning: My tests showed that the steam function not only cleans but also sanitizes, making it highly effective for deep cleaning. The corded design means uninterrupted power, translating to a consistent performance over larger areas.

Both products are representative of their respective brands, with Bissell focusing on convenient, chemical-assisted cleaning, and Shark emphasizing deep-cleaning steam technology. Each excels in specific scenarios, with the Spinwave ideal for quick, everyday clean-ups, and the Steam and Scrub suited for more intensive cleaning sessions.

Key Features and Specifications

I’ve taken a close look at two popular floor cleaners, the Bissell SpinWave and the Shark Steam and Scrub, examining their key features and specifications that make them suitable for different cleaning tasks.

Design and Build Quality

Bissell SpinWave: This cordless steam mop features a sturdy design with an adjustable handle, which I find makes it easy to store. It’s relatively lightweight, easing the physical effort needed during cleaning.

Shark Steam and Scrub: The build quality is solid, and it has a corded design, which means you won’t run out of battery during extensive cleaning sessions. It’s equipped with a non-adjustable handle, which is something to consider based on your storage options.

Cleaning Capabilities

Bissell SpinWave: Effective at handling tough messes, it uses an on-demand spray that allows me to control the release of cleaning solution onto hard floors. It’s gentle on surfaces like tile, and the spinning pads do an excellent job at scrubbing without excessive effort.

Shark Steam and Scrub: This steam mop produces steam that is not only great for sanitation but also for breaking down sticky and tough messes. However, it may not be suitable for use on all carpet types.

Ease of Use

Bissell SpinWave: Its cordless nature provides excellent maneuverability, permitting me to navigate around furniture and other obstacles without being tethered by a cable. The lightweight design also contributes to ease of handling and transport from room to room.

Shark Steam and Scrub: I’ve noticed that the cord limits mobility to an extent, but its steam feature allows for effective cleaning without the need for manual scrubbing. There are two mopping modes that adapt to different cleaning needs.

Water Tank Capacity and Steam Feature

Bissell SpinWave: The water tank is easy to fill and offers sufficient capacity for cleaning small to medium-sized areas without the need for refilling. Though it doesn’t feature a steam option, the on-demand spray provides ample moisture for the mop pads.

Shark Steam and Scrub: It has a large water tank that supports prolonged steam generation, ideal for more extensive cleaning tasks. The steam feature is impressive, helping me sanitize floors effectively, which is particularly useful in homes with pets or children.


In my extensive use of both the Bissell SpinWave and the Shark Steam and Scrub, I’ve noted definitive aspects of their operational performance that prospective buyers should consider.

Cleaning Efficiency and Modes

The Bissell SpinWave operates with a cordless design, offering a two-tank system which dispenses cleaning formula for a thorough mop. Its efficiency lies in its dual spinning pads, which actively scrub floors. My experience with the Bissell revealed its suitability for routine cleaning and its ability to tackle sticky messes with relative ease. On the other hand, Shark Steam and Scrub uses a corded setup that steams to sanitize. It has fewer mopping modes when compared to the SpinWave, focusing on steam power to lift dirt and grime. This is especially handy for quick cleanups on sealed hard floors.

Sanitizing Effectiveness

Each appliance uses a different approach to sanitize floors. The SpinWave incorporates cleaning formulas, and in my testing, it left floors looking polished after passing through. The Shark Steam and Scrub relies on steam for sanitization, which did an excellent job killing bacteria without chemicals, making it a great choice for households concerned about the use of harsh substances.

Handling Pet Hair and Dirt

Pet owners will find the Shark’s steam power effective for removing pet hair and dirt. The SpinWave, with its scrubbing action, is also capable of collecting pet hair but may need more passes to achieve similar results. Both are effective, but from my trials, the Shark may edge out slightly ahead due to the steam’s capacity to loosen pet hair from the flooring surface.

Suitability for Different Types of Floors

When monitoring their performance across various flooring types, I appreciated the versatility of these mops. The Bissell SpinWave managed to clean hardwood and vinyl with its gentle cleaning pads without leaving behind scratches or streaks. For me, it was also easy to maneuver across laminate and linoleum. The Shark Steam and Scrub is recommended for all sealed hard floors and is particularly proficient on tile floors, where the steam can penetrate into the grout lines, although I exercised caution on delicate hardwood to prevent moisture damage.

Comparison and Recommendations

In my thorough analysis of the Bissell SpinWave and the Shark Steam and Scrub, I’ve identified key differences in features and performance. I am confident in providing you with a detailed comparison as well as a clear set of recommendations based on your cleaning needs.

Direct Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Mopping Mechanism:

  • Bissell SpinWave: Utilizes dual spinning pads for scrubbing floors.
  • Shark Steam and Scrub: Combines steam with a single pad for mopping.

Floor Compatibility:

  • Bissell SpinWave: Offers gentle cleaning suitable for a variety of hard floors.
  • Shark Steam and Scrub: Steam provides deep cleaning, ideal for sealed floors.

Ease of Use:

  • Bissell SpinWave: Features simple controls for steam and suction adjustment with a two-tank system.
  • Shark Steam and Scrub: Focuses on straightforward steam cleaning with minimal modes.

Pros and Cons

Bissell SpinWave Pros:

  • Versatility in cleaning modes.
  • Ease of use with washable pads.

Shark Steam and Scrub Pros:

  • Deep cleaning with steam.
  • Effective for sanitizing floors.

Bissell SpinWave Cons:

  • May require more frequent pad cleaning.

Shark Steam and Scrub Cons:

  • Less suitable for large areas due to single scrubbing mode.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Bissell SpinWave:

  • Customers appreciate the SpinWave’s dual spinning pads and user-friendly design.
  • Some users wish the pad cleaning was less frequent.

Shark Steam and Scrub:

  • Steam effectiveness is often praised in reviews.
  • There is feedback indicating a preference for additional cleaning modes.

Best Use Cases and Recommendations

Bissell SpinWave:

  • My recommendation: Opt for the SpinWave if you seek a device for everyday cleaning and versatility across different floor types.

Shark Steam and Scrub:

  • My recommendation: Choose the Shark if your primary goal is deep cleaning and sanitizing smaller areas or sealed floors.

Through my tests and evaluations of the Bissell SpinWave and Shark Steam and Scrub, I’ve concluded that the best choice hinges on your specific cleaning needs and floor types. Both offer unique features that may serve your purposes better under different circumstances.

Purchase Information

When considering the Bissell SpinWave and Shark Steam and Scrub, I’ve carefully evaluated their cost efficiency and the services provided post-purchase.

Pricing and Value for Money

Bissell SpinWave

  • Amazon Price: Often varies, but generally mid-range priced.
  • Value: Offers dual spinning pads for efficient cleaning, versatile for different floor types.

Shark Steam and Scrub

  • Amazon Price: Generally falls within the same mid-range spectrum.
  • Value: Uses steam to sanitize while scrubbing, suitable for quick and small area cleanups.

Both these products frequently contend for bestseller status on Amazon, implying a good balance between their price and the cleaning capabilities they offer.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Bissell SpinWave Warranty

  • Typically comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • After-Sales Service: Accessible customer support, with the option for purchasing extended protection plans on Amazon.

Shark Steam and Scrub Warranty

  • Often features a warranty that may vary; it’s best to confirm upon purchase.
  • After-Sales Service: Shark is known for their customer care programs and the availability of replacement parts.

Both brands are reliable with warranties that protect your purchase, giving you confidence in your investment.

Affiliate Disclosure

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. My reviews are based on thorough testing and analysis, and my recommendations aim to guide you to the best choice for your needs without any bias from potential commissions.

Cleaning Solutions and Accessories

When evaluating the Bissell SpinWave and Shark Steam and Scrub, I’ve found that both offer unique cleaning solutions and accessories that cater to different cleaning needs and preferences.

Types of Cleaning Solutions

In my use of the Bissell SpinWave, I’ve noticed it works most effectively with Bissell’s own cleaning solutions. These are specialized formulas designed to maximize cleaning effectiveness without harming the machine. Their selection typically includes multi-surface solutions and those targeting specific cleaning challenges like pet messes.

As for the Shark Steam and Scrub, it harnesses the natural cleaning power of steam. I’ve rarely had to use chemical solutions – water alone is sufficient to sanitize the floors. When necessary, occasional use of a gentle floor cleaner helps, but the steam power does the heavy lifting.

Included and Optional Accessories

Bissell SpinWave:

  • Cleaning Pads: It comes with different types of mopping pads: a set of soft-touch pads for delicate surfaces, and scrubby pads for tough, sticky messes.
  • Maintenance: The cleaning pads are machine washable, making maintenance a breeze. It’s a simple wash and reuse process.
  • Clean Water Tank: The machine features an easy-to-fill clean water tank, conveniently separating cleaning solution from dirty water.

Shark Steam and Scrub:

  • Microfiber Pad: A distinct feature is the single type of microfiber pad, which lifts dirt and locks it away.
  • Accessories: Optional accessories are generally not required due to the efficiency of steam cleaning, although replacement pads are available as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience testing the Bissell SpinWave and the Shark Steam and Scrub, I’ve encountered a range of questions about their operations and safety measures. I’ll address these queries to help you understand how each device functions and the precautions you should consider.

Operational Queries

How do the cleaning methods differ between Bissell SpinWave and Shark Steam and Scrub?

  • The Bissell SpinWave uses dual spinning pads to actively scrub floors without the use of steam. It offers a gentle yet effective clean suitable for various hard floors.
  • Shark Steam and Scrub, conversely, combines steam with its scrubbing action for sanitization purposes, which can be particularly effective for sticky messes and for homes that prioritize disinfection.

What kind of mopping modes are available on each mop?

  • The Bissell SpinWave typically features multiple cleaning modes, allowing for customization based on the level of dirt or the specific floor type.
  • The Shark Steam and Scrub may offer different steam settings to adjust the intensity of the steam being produced, depending on the cleaning requirement.

Are both mops safe to use around kids and pets? Yes, both mops can be used safely in homes with kids and pets. The Bissell SpinWave uses cleaning solutions that are pet and kid-friendly when used as directed. The Shark Steam and Scrub uses steam, which is a natural cleaning alternative, minimizing the need for chemicals.

Safety and Precautions

What should I keep in mind when using these devices to ensure they are operated safely?

  • Always use the Bissell SpinWave and Shark Steam and Scrub as instructed, adhering to the user manuals to avoid misuse.
  • For the Shark Steam and Scrub, it’s important to be cautious of the hot steam, which could cause burns if not handled properly. I take extra care to ensure that pets and children are at a safe distance when using the steam function.
  • With the Bissell SpinWave, remember to check the suitability of the cleaner for your specific flooring to prevent damage. Also, ensure that the cleaning pads are clean before use to avoid scratching the floors.


After extensive testing of both the Bissell SpinWave and the Shark Steam and Scrub, my findings are distinct yet balanced. The Bissell SpinWave, with its cordless design, offers flexibility and convenience for cleaning expansive areas without the constraint of a power cord. Its use of cleaning formulas ensures that floors not only get clean but are also sanitized.

In contrast, the Shark Steam and Scrub’s primary method of sanitization is steam, requiring a power outlet but eliminating the need for chemical cleaners. This unit is particularly adept at deep cleaning, combining heat with its mopping action to tackle stubborn dirt and spills. The two mopping modes and single pad type present a straightforward solution for daily cleaning tasks.

When it comes to selecting the ideal mop, users should consider their specific needs:

  • Flexibility and Reach: Bissell SpinWave wins with its cordless operation.
  • Sanitization: Both models sanitize effectively, but Shark’s steam may appeal to those avoiding chemicals.
  • Deep Cleaning: Shark’s steam function offers a powerful deep clean.

Both mops serve well in maintaining hard floors, and my experience points to satisfaction with either choice, depending on personal preference and cleaning requirements. The Bissell SpinWave shines for quick, everyday cleaning sessions and ease of use, while the Shark Steam and Scrub excels in deep cleaning performance and eco-friendly approach.

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