Tineco Floor One S3 vs Bissell Crosswave Max: Detailed Comparison Review

As someone who has rigorously tested both the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell CrossWave Max, I can offer a firsthand comparison to those interested in choosing between these two floor cleaners. The Tineco Floor One S3 stands out with its smart, cordless design, intuitive LED display, and automatic cleaning adjustment system, tailor-made for an efficient cleaning experience. The device’s seamless operation accentuated by its self-propelled maneuverability and self-cleaning function simplifies floor maintenance.

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On the other hand, the Bissell CrossWave Max features its own set of merits that includes effective multi-surface cleaning and the convenience of a cordless design. Its sturdy build and user-friendly setup ensure a straightforward cleaning process. In terms of technology, the CrossWave Max doesn’t lag, equipped with its own high-tech functions designed to optimize cleaning efficiency on various types of flooring.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tineco Floor One S3 excels in automatic cleaning adjustment and ease-of-use.
  • Bissell CrossWave Max offers robust multi-surface cleaning and a solid build.
  • Both devices feature cordless designs with smart technology for an improved cleaning experience.

Product Overview

In my experience with both the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell Crosswave Max, I’ve noted key differences in their design and functionality that cater to varied cleaning needs.

Tineco Floor One S3

The Tineco Floor One S3 stands out with its cordless convenience and smart features. I found that its sleek design masks a powerful device that effectively combines suction and mopping on multiple surfaces. The vacuum integrates seamlessly with a proprietary app that provides real-time monitoring and assistance, a valuable feature for maintaining the machine and optimizing cleaning. With respect to battery life, the Tineco S3 is quite impressive, permitting extended cleaning sessions without the need for frequent recharging.

  • Design: Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Mopping: Integrated dual-tank system that keeps clean water separate from dirty
  • Suction Power: Strong enough to tackle debris on both hard floors and carpets
  • Battery Life: Extensive, permitting an elongated cleaning duration
  • Special Features: Smart control via app, self-adjusting suction

Bissell Crosswave Max

On the other hand, the Bissell Crosswave Max combines a cordless vacuum’s versatility with a robust mopping system. Its multi-surface capabilities make it a go-to for homes with a mix of area rugs and hard floors. The dual-action brush roll scrubs and picks up dry debris simultaneously. Its suction power is commendable, dealing well with larger spills and messes. A notable difference from the Tineco S3 is the Crosswave Max’s ability to return to its dock to recharge and self-clean – a convenient and hygienic feature I appreciate.

  • Design: Bulky yet efficient, with an easy-to-maneuver swivel head
  • Mopping: Simultaneous mopping and vacuuming ability
  • Suction Power: Adequately strong, especially on carpeted surfaces
  • Battery Life: Sufficient for most cleaning tasks without interruption
  • Special Features: Self-cleaning cycle, dock charging, and easy-empty tank system

Design and Build

When examining the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max, I noticed that both are designed with a modern aesthetic and functionality in mind. Each possesses unique features tailored to enhance the user experience.

Physical Comparison

In my hands-on evaluation, the Tineco Floor One S3 sports a sleek design with a white and black color scheme. The dimensions are compact, which contributes to its easy handling. The Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max, on the other hand, has a more robust build, finished primarily in shades of blue and silver. My findings are:

  • Weight: The Tineco is noticeably lightweight, making it less cumbersome to maneuver around furniture.
  • Size: Both units are similar in size, but the CrossWave feels a bit bulkier.
  • Brush: Each machine is fitted with a brush system designed to tackle various messes. The Tineco’s brush is gentle yet effective, while the Bissell’s is tough on stains.

Ease of Use Features

I found that both models are cordless, offering significant freedom of movement without the hassle of a cord. The incorporation of an LED display on the Tineco Floor One S3 adds a level of convenience by providing real-time performance insights. Bissell’s handle ergonomics felt comfortable during prolonged cleaning sessions.

  • Handling: The lightweight design of the Tineco makes it easy to move and carry upstairs. Bissell, while not overly heavy, requires more effort.
  • Cordless: Both are battery-powered, giving me the ability to clean without searching for an outlet.
  • LED Display: The Tineco’s display kept me informed about the machine’s status and battery life.

Both machines feature intuitive controls that enhanced my cleaning efficiency. As a user, I appreciated these thoughtful design elements that made my cleaning tasks less strenuous.


In comparing the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max, I focused on their proficiency in handling various cleaning tasks. My evaluation on performance is broken down into key aspects such as cleaning capabilities, suction and mopping efficiency, along with their battery life and maintenance ease.

Cleaning Capabilities

Tineco Floor One S3: I found that it excels on hard floors, effortlessly picking up pet hair, debris, and dust. Its dual-tank system ensures that only clean water is used for mopping while simultaneously vacuuming.

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max: It can tackle both hard floors and rugs, which makes it versatile for multi-surface cleaning. During my tests, it transitioned smoothly between floor types, and the multi-surface brush roll performed well in gathering all sizes of debris.

Suction and Mopping Efficiency

Tineco Floor One S3: With its powerful suction, it effectively collects dirt and performs a thorough mopping. One striking feature is its real-time display which updates on cleaning progress for optimized results.

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max: The device maintains strong suction throughout use and the mopping effectively removes sticky messes. Importantly, for homes with pets, it adeptly removes traces of pet hair from crevices and edges.

Battery and Run Time

Tineco Floor One S3: I observed a solid runtime of approximately 35 minutes, which, coupled with its cordless nature, allows for unrestricted movement around the house without the need to recharge frequently.

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max: It offers a similar runtime, enough to clean larger areas on a single charge. Its battery life is sufficient for average-sized homes, and the cordless feature provides convenience.


Tineco Floor One S3: One useful aspect is its self-cleaning cycle that cleans the brush after each use. The filter can be rinsed under water, and the clean and dirty water tanks are easy to remove and clean.

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max: It also has a self-cleaning function for the brush roll, keeping the device ready for the next use. Emptying the dirty water tank and cleaning the filter is straightforward. The docking station not only charges the device but also aids in keeping everything tidy.

Technology and Smart Features

Both the Tineco Floor One S3 and Bissell CrossWave Max feature innovative technology and smart features that enhance the user’s cleaning experience. I’ve found that these features make a significant difference in the ease and efficiency of maintaining clean floors.

Smart Control Systems

In my use, the Tineco Floor One S3 stands out with its iLoop sensor technology which intelligently adjusts suction power and water flow for an optimal clean. The Bissell CrossWave Max doesn’t come with a similar automatic sensing technology, but it does offer users a straightforward interface for selecting cleaning modes. Both models capitalize on their smart systems—Tineco with its LED screen that provides real-time feedback and Bissell with its LED headlights that illuminate dirt and debris on the floor. Moreover, both are cordless, providing flexibility without the hassle of a cord.

When it comes to connectivity, Tineco’s device integrates seamlessly with the Tineco app. This app allows me to monitor cleaning performance, receive maintenance reminders, and access support directly from my smartphone.

Water Tanks and Filtration

Both the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell CrossWave Max utilize two-tank technology to keep clean and dirty water separate. This is crucial for ensuring that only clean water and formula are being applied to the floors. My experience with emptying and refilling these tanks has been straightforward and mess-free.

The Tineco Floor One S3’s clean water tank capacity is adequate for regular household cleaning, allowing me to clean considerable floor area without frequent refills. The Bissell CrossWave Max also has a sizeable clean water tank, making it competitive in this respect.

As for filtration, the Bissell model includes a HEPA filter which is designed to trap small particles and allergens, a feature that I found particularly beneficial for maintaining air quality during and after cleaning sessions. Tineco’s filtration system effectively separates debris and helps maintain suction performance throughout the clean.

Accessories and Attachments

When evaluating the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell CrossWave Max in terms of accessories and attachments, each brand caters to a range of cleaning needs with their included items. I found that the Bissell CrossWave Max offers a variety of brushes suitable for different floor types, including a multi-surface brush roll that is adept at handling both hard floors and area rugs. In terms of filters, Bissell provides a washable filter that helps capture dust and debris.

The Tineco Floor One S3, on the other hand, includes a softer roller brush that is specifically designed to be gentle on hard floors while still effectively picking up spills and stains. Tineco also emphasizes usability with a hands-free cleaning station to wash the roller, ensuring that the brush is ready for the next use. Their filters are also designed to be easily washable, optimizing maintenance and performance over time.

Here’s a quick comparison of what both machines offer:

FeatureBissell CrossWave MaxTineco Floor One S3
BrushesMulti-Surface Brush RollSoft Roller Brush
FilterWashable FilterWashable Filter
Cleaning StationN/AHands-Free Cleaning Station
Additional ToolsSpecialized Pet Hair Strainer, Docking StationDocking Station, Cleaning Solution

My time with both machines showed that the Bissell’s attachments seemed more robust for varied environments, like homes with mixed flooring and pets, while Tineco’s features particularly impressed me in caring for hardwood and tiled floors with its gentle brush and maintenance-friendly design.

User Experience and Convenience

In my extensive testing of the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell CrossWave Max, I’ve considered every detail regarding how they enhance or detract from the user experience. Ease of use, handling, and convenience are the benchmarks I’ve used to judge these devices.

Handling and Maneuverability

Tineco Floor One S3: My experience with the Tineco S3 was that it’s a lightweight machine, easy to carry up and down the stairs. Maneuvering around furniture was mostly hassle-free because of its flexible swivel head.

Bissell CrossWave Max: The CrossWave Max also boasts a good swivel steering system. It feels a bit heavier compared to the Tineco, but it isn’t cumbersome. I found it performs with more stability, especially when tackling rugs.

Cleaning Program and Modes

Tineco Floor One S3:

  • Auto mode: The device automatically adjusts suction and water flow based on the dirt sensed, which means I could essentially clean on autopilot.
  • Manual mode: I had more control for spot cleaning.

Bissell CrossWave Max:

  • Multi-Surface mode: The CrossWave Max’s cleaning modes are more hands-on, requiring me to choose the appropriate setting for the surface.

Storage and Docking

Tineco Floor One S3: The docking station is quite compact, making it easy to store the unit in tight spaces. It charges and cleans the rollers simultaneously, which is a convenient feature.

Bissell CrossWave Max: It also has a docking station that helps with charging and storage. However, it’s a bit larger, so I needed to allocate more space for it. It’s not a significant drawback, but in smaller living spaces, this could be a consideration.

Price and Value for Money

When assessing the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell CrossWave Max, I focus on both the immediate and long-term financial considerations. Each product offers different price points and maintenance costs that could influence a buyer’s decision based on their budget and cleaning needs.

Initial Cost

Tineco Floor One S3

  • Price Range: Generally, I find that the S3 model resides in the mid to high range of the market.
  • Inclusions: The purchase commonly includes the self-cleaning brush and a filter.

Bissell CrossWave Max

  • Price Range: Bissell’s offering tends to be competitively priced, often similarly or slightly lower than the Tineco.
  • Note on Promotions: I always recommend potential buyers to look for deals or promotions which may significantly impact the initial cost.

Maintenance Costs

Tineco Floor One S3

  • Filters and Brushes: The filters usually require regular replacement which adds to the lifetime cost. Tineco’s brushes are designed for longevity as well, but these will incur occasional replacement expenses.
  • Self-Cleaning Function: I appreciate that the self-cleaning function can help prolong the brush’s life, potentially reducing the frequency of these costs.

Bissell CrossWave Max

  • Filters and Brushes: Similarly, Bissell filters and brushes are recurring purchases for maintenance, priced in line with industry standards.
  • Cost-effective Features: The Bissell also features a self-cleaning brush roll which is a cost-saving feature in the long run.

From my experience, maintenance costs for both machines are somewhat comparable, but it’s crucial for buyers to consider the frequency of use and the availability of replacement parts which can affect the overall expenditure over time.


In my extensive experience with the Tineco Floor One S3 and the Bissell CrossWave Max, both devices offer compelling features for those seeking to keep their floors pristine. My direct comparison reveals that the Tineco Floor One S3 stands out with its smart technology features, like the intuitive LED display and automatic cleaning adjustment, enhancing user convenience.

The Bissell CrossWave Max, designed with pet owners in mind, promises effortless cleaning across various surfaces. It is reliable for picking up pet hair and other messes, providing a versatile cleaning solution without the need to switch devices.


  • Smart Features: The Tineco boasts smart sensor technology that adjusts the suction and water flow for an optimized cleaning experience.
  • Battery Life: The Bissell CrossWave Max offers a robust battery life suitable for larger homes.
  • Convenience: Both models are cordless, offering flexibility, but the Tineco’s self-cleaning function can save time during maintenance.


  • Functionality: Both units perform well on multiple surfaces, handling dry and wet messes.
  • Design: Each features a modern design with easy-to-use controls.

Choosing between the two comes down to user preferences for smart features and specific cleaning needs. The Tineco may appeal to tech-savvy users, while the Bissell may be the go-to for pet owners in need of a powerful, all-in-one solution. I recommend considering your main cleaning challenges and preferences to decide which aligns better with your household requirements.