Sebo E3 Review: Unbiased Insights on Performance and Features

As a passionate owner of a Sebo Airbelt E3 Premium Canister Graphite vacuum, I’d like to share my experiences and thoughts on this product. After conducting extensive research and reading various reviews, I chose the Sebo E3 as my go-to vacuum for its reliability and performance compared to those cheaper bagless alternatives.

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My main concern was finding a vacuum that could effectively clean both carpets and hard floors while providing excellent pet hair removal. The Sebo E3 exceeded my expectations, offering various features like a suction-adjustment slider switch, an ET-1 power head, and four levels of brush height adjustment.

I found that the Sebo E3’s ergonomic handle and L-shaped contour made it extremely easy to maneuver under counters and around furniture. Additionally, the included parquet brush proved helpful in cleaning hard floors without any issues.

Design and Features

In this section, I will discuss the design and features of the SEBO E3 vacuum cleaner. This model has some notable characteristics that make it stand out among other vacuum cleaners on the market.

Compact Construction

The SEBO E3 has a compact design, which makes it easy to maneuver and store. It is equipped with four wheels that turn a full 360 degrees, allowing me to easily move the vacuum around furniture and over obstacles like electrical cords and door thresholds. This feature contributes to its overall stability and ease of use.

Telescopic Tube

One of the features I appreciate about the SEBO E3 is its telescopic tube. This adjustable wand can be extended or shortened to better suit my cleaning needs, making it more convenient for reaching both low and high surfaces.

Integrated Accessories

The SEBO E3 comes with several integrated accessories that enhance its cleaning capabilities. Some of these attachments include a crevice nozzle, an upholstery nozzle, and a dusting brush, which are easily accessible when needed. This is a valuable feature as it allows me to quickly switch between different cleaning tools without having to search for lost attachments.

LED Indicators

The vacuum also has LED indicators that inform me about the performance and maintenance needs of the vacuum. These lights turn on when the bag is full, when the brush roller is worn, or when it’s time to replace the filter. This feature helps me maintain my vacuum more efficiently.

Now that I’ve covered some of the key design features of the SEBO E3 vacuum cleaner, we can delve deeper into other aspects of this vacuum in the next sections of the article.

Performance and Efficiency

Suction Power

In my experience using the Sebo E3, I was impressed with its suction power. The electric, motor-driven power nozzle provides significant performance difference on carpet and pet hair compared to the air-driven power nozzle of the Sebo E2. With my E3, I quickly noticed how it sucked up a lot of dirt, making my carpets look visibly better than they did when I used my previous vacuum.

Air Filtration System

The air filtration system of the Sebo E3 is another aspect I appreciate. The vacuum is equipped with a hospital-grade S-class pre-motor microfilter, which is followed by Sebo’s durable, three-layer Ultra Bags. The combination of these filters captures 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns, ensuring that my home remains free from allergens and fine dust particles.

Bag Capacity

Sebo E3’s bag capacity is an improvement over other models I’ve used in the past. Its large filter bag can hold up to 3.5 liters of dirt and debris, which means I don’t have to replace the bag as often, saving me both time and money on replacement bags. The vacuum also has a bag-full indicator which lets me know when it’s time to change the bag, so I don’t have to guess when it’s full.

The Sebo E3 has made vacuuming a more pleasant chore for me due to its performance and efficiency. With its powerful suction, efficient air filtration system, and large bag capacity, I can effectively and easily clean my home without having to worry about lingering allergens or frequently changing vacuum bags.

Ease of Use

In this section, I’ll discuss the ease of use of the SEBO Airbelt E3 Premium Canister vacuum cleaner, which is an essential aspect for any user. We’ll focus on three key aspects: Maneuverability, Automatic Cord Rewind, and Noise Level.


When it comes to maneuverability, the SEBO E3 canister vacuum is designed to follow me smoothly as I pull it by the hose. It has four wheels that turn a full 360 degrees, which makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and very stable. I find that going over electrical cords, door thresholds, and moving around furniture is a breeze with the SEBO E31.

Automatic Cord Rewind

Another helpful feature present in the SEBO E3 is the automatic cord rewind. This eliminates the need for manually winding the cord, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. With the automatic cord rewind feature, I can simply press a button, and the cord retracts back into the vacuum cleaner, making storage and transport much more convenient.

Noise Level

Noise is another factor that can affect the ease of use, especially when vacuuming for extended periods. Though I couldn’t find specific decibel levels for the SEBO E3, based on my personal experience and online reviews, I find the noise level to be reasonable and not overly loud. This allows me to use the vacuum cleaner without causing too much disturbance to others in the household.

Maintenance and Durability

In my experience with the Sebo E3, maintaining the vacuum is quite straightforward, and the vacuum itself is well-built and durable. Let’s look at some aspects of its maintenance and durability:

Filter Replacement

Changing the dirtbag and filters on the Sebo E3 is an easy process. When it’s time to replace them, all you have to do is remove the old ones and insert the new ones. It’s hassle-free, and according to users, the vacuum is easy to operate and perform user-maintenance on.

Hose and Tube Longevity

The Sebo E3’s hose and tube are made of high-quality materials, ensuring their longevity. The vacuum is designed to track nicely behind you as you pull it by the hose, making it very easy to maneuver and very stable even around furniture and over electrical cords and door thresholds.

Warranty Information

Sebo offers a comprehensive warranty for their Airbelt E3 Premium Canister Vacuum. For peace of mind, it’s always important to check the warranty information provided by the manufacturer.

Comparisons with Competitors

In my analysis of the Sebo E3, I felt it’s essential to compare it to some of its main competitors, such as the Miele C3 and the Sebo D4.

The Sebo E3 and the Miele C3 are often considered direct competitors. Both excel in their respective categories. While the E3 consumes only 27.9 kWh/year, the Miele C3 consumes more energy at 56 kWh/year.

Moving on to the cord length and cleaning radius, the E3 has a 25-foot cord and a 37-foot cleaning radius, while the D4 boasts a longer 40-foot cord and a 52-foot cleaning radius.

Bag capacity is another factor to consider. The Sebo E3 has a 0.92-gallon bag, while the D4 has a considerably larger 1.5-gallon bag. Comparing the body weight of the two, the E3 is lighter, weighing 11.4 lbs, whereas the D4 comes at a heavier 15.9 lbs.

Speed control and hose coupling differ between the E3 and D4 as well. The E3 features a slider on the handle for speed control, while the D4 has a +/- control on the hose handle. Additionally, the E3’s hose coupling is non-swivel, while the D4’s hose coupling offers a 320-degree swivel for better maneuverability.


In my experience, the Sebo E3 has proven to be a reliable and highly efficient vacuum cleaner. The maneuverability of the canister, with its 360-degree turning wheels, makes navigating around furniture and over various obstacles a breeze.

As a pet owner, I appreciate how effectively the E3 handles pet hair. The wider hose located directly above the powerhead ensures that the cleaning process is thorough and efficient on various types of flooring, from hardwood floors to carpets.

Furthermore, the bagged system offers a cleaner and more hygienic way to dispose of vacuumed debris compared to bagless alternatives. Overall, I can confidently say that the SEBO E3 has met and exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, durability, and ease of use.


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