Pinetan Vacuum Cleaner UA807 Review: Does It Outperform?

The market for home vacuum cleaners is crowded, and finding a model that checks off all the right boxes can be a challenge.

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In my search for a vacuum that offers both power and quiet operation, I stumbled upon the PINETAN Professional Canister Vacuum Cleaner UA807. Today, I decided to give it a run through my house, and I must say, it’s been an interesting exploration.

With an ERP standard motor and a 62 dB noise reduction technology, the UA807 promises to keep your cleaning sessions both efficient and hushed—a feature I found particularly appealing as I vacuumed around my sleeping toddler with minimal disruption.

The rotation speed adjustment was handy when transitioning from hardwood floors to rugs, ensuring optimal suction without overpowering.

PINETAN UA807 Main Image

Venturing beyond floor surfaces, the adjustable telescoping aluminum wand was a useful tool for reaching cobwebs in the ceiling corners and the pet brush worked wonders on the couch, effectively picking up after my furry companion.

The 4.5L dust bags are a delight for someone like me who prefers spending less time on maintenance and more on actual cleaning.

Conversations about HEPA filtration in vacuums can sometimes seem overstated, but the UA807’s ability to trap dust and eliminate odors in my home was noticeable.

Bottom Line

The PINETAN UA807 is a capable vacuum that stands out for its noise reduction technology and suction power.

With its thoughtful attachments and large-capacity dust bags, it’s suitable for homes with pets, children, or any space where peace and quiet are cherished.

If you’re looking for a vacuum that’s easy on the ears yet tough on dirt, Click here to consider the PINETAN UA807. It just might be the balance of performance and serenity you need.

Discover the PINETAN Professional Canister Vacuum Cleaner UA807

After putting the UA807 through its paces, it’s clear that PINETAN has focused on fusing power with versatility.

One of its standout features is its super-quiet operation. When you nudge the power wheel to the lowest setting, it hums along at an unobtrusive 62 decibels, a blessing when you want to clean without causing a racket.

However, don’t let its whisper-quiet mode fool you—the suction is anything but timid.

Whether scooping up cereal or tackling pet fur, the adjustable suction power doesn’t falter, thanks to its energy-efficient 1000W motor.

The extra-large 4.5L dust bags mean fewer interruptions, a feature I valued during extended cleaning sessions.

My home, with a mix of hardwood floors and area rugs, benefitted from the aluminum telescoping wand. Its lightweight feel and extension capacity allowed me to reach cobwebs on the ceiling and crumbs under the couch with equal ease.

On the flipside, the vacuum isn’t without its quirks.

While it includes a pet brush—which is rather handy—the lack of a beater bar on the carpet attachment can make deep rug cleaning less effective.

I also noted that the hose can sometimes become an adversary, especially when attempting to pick up larger debris.

I appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of a HEPA filter, making it a suitable ally for those of us who prize an allergen-free environment.

The ocean blue color gives it a character, and while its look is sleek, I wouldn’t exactly call it an industrial powerhouse. It’s more of a competent domestic cleaner that offers a balance of quiet operation and robust cleaning capability.

Key Features

Super Quiet 62db Technology

Having a peaceful cleaning experience is a luxury, and that’s precisely what the vacuum offers with its low noise feature.

Rotating the power wheel to the left, the noise level drops impressively making it possible to vacuum without causing a racket. I found this especially useful when I had to clean up during odd hours without disturbing my family.

Strong Suction Power

The suction capability of this unit is noteworthy. The 1000W motor may save energy, but it certainly doesn’t compromise on suction power.

I was able to pick up dust and debris effectively from various surfaces without needing to go over the same spot repeatedly.

Pet Brush Accessory

Any pet owner knows the struggle of fur collecting everywhere.

The included pet brush has been a savior for cleaning upholstered surfaces and picking up pet hair. Its design seems focused on lifting and containing pet fur, which made my cleaning sessions much easier, especially during shedding season.

Multi-Stage HEPA Filtration

The HEPA filtration system is a critical element. It traps fine particles, significantly reducing the amount of dust recirculated back into the room.

When emptying the extra-large 4.5L dust bag, I noticed less dust flying back into the air compared to other vacuums, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting a cleaner breathing environment.

Telescoping Aluminum Wand

Flexibility while cleaning is greatly enhanced by the adjustable wand. It extends to a reach of 10 feet, which allowed me to tackle cobwebs in the ceiling corners and other hard-to-reach areas without struggling.

The lightweight nature didn’t tire my arms out, and the detachable handle made it simple to transition between surfaces.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

From the moment I unboxed the UA807, I noticed how its design prioritizes straightforward operation.

The adjustable power wheel is a standout feature—it’s intuitive, allowing me to easily select the desired suction level depending on the task at hand.

When I needed to clean without causing a racket, twisting it all the way to the left for ultra-quiet operation was a breeze.

The PINETAN’s larger dust bags are not only practical due to their high capacity, but they also spare me the hassle of frequent replacements.

Tackling pet hair on furniture or in the car became less of a chore with the included pet brush. I didn’t have to constantly stop to unclog the vacuum.

During maintenance, the telescoping aluminum wand is simplicity itself to adjust and manage.

I have cleaned high and tight spaces without any issue, and when I’m done, the wand contracts for compact storage.

Even after multiple uses, the HEPA filtration system continues to lock in dust and debris effortlessly, ensuring a cleaner environment post-vacuuming.

However, I must mention that while the machine is generally easy to maintain, the hose has given me some trouble with blockages if larger debris is suctioned up.

Moreover, I found the cord length to be satisfactory, but an extension would be beneficial for those with larger areas to cover.

Environmental Impact and Energy Efficiency

Having put the PINETAN UA807 through its paces, I can attest to its thoughtful design that leans on sustainability.

The low noise technology at just 62 dB makes it a neighbor-friendly choice, sparing you from the racket typical vacuums produce.

Energy efficiency shines with the vacuum, only consuming 1000 watts. This is relatively modest for vacuums with such strong suction, meaning it won’t be a drain on your electricity bills.

The vacuum comes with an impressive HEPA filtration system that traps fine particles, which is a boon for indoor air quality.

Plus, with its reusable dust bags, I’ve noticed a marked decrease in waste compared to disposables.

It’s the little things—like the sealed filtration system—that underscore the UA807’s environmental awareness. It ensures contaminants stay locked in, preventing them from re-entering the atmosphere.

However, it is corded, which might limit the energy-saving potential compared to cordless alternatives.

Still, the thoughtful features like automatic cord rewind add convenience without compromising the product’s sustainability ethos.

Pros and Cons


Having spent some quality time with the PINETAN UA807, I’ve noticed a few high points worth mentioning.

The noise level is remarkably low with the Super Quiet 62db Technology.

When you need to vacuum without causing a racket, it’s as simple as turning down the power wheel — great for late-night or early-morning cleanups.

The suction power is another notable feature. Despite being energy-efficient, it doesn’t sacrifice performance, and with adjustable settings, you can tailor the suction to your cleaning needs.

Plus, the pet brush is a handy accessory for pet owners like me, making it easier to deal with pet hair and scattered kibble.

A highlight for anyone concerned about air quality is the vacuum’s multi-stage HEPA filtration system, paired with a generous 4.5L dust bag. This feature does a good job keeping the dust and allergens inside the vacuum and not in the air around my home.

Lastly, the telescoping aluminum wand is a standout for reach and durability, extending up to 10 feet and making it easy to clean areas that are usually hard to reach.


Turning to the other side of the coin, I’ve noticed a few drawbacks as well.

The absence of a beater bar on the carpet attachment means that while the vacuum is commendable on hard floors, it struggles with carpet and rugs. This limitation can be a deal-breaker for homes with lots of carpeting areas.

I’ve also found that the hose can be problematic, getting stuck more times than I’d like. It’s a bit of an inconvenience during a cleaning session, interrupting the workflow.

For a vacuum that seems quite contemporary, the cord length could use some extension. Granted, it’s sufficient for small rooms, but a longer cable would provide better mobility without constantly switching power outlets.

In terms of suction, while it’s mostly effective, there were moments when it lacked the oomph for more challenging messes. This might not be a significant issue for light cleaning, but it’s noticeable when tackling heavier debris.

Lastly, although the vacuum itself is quite lightweight and maneuverable, its bulkiness can be a hindrance when storing or moving it through tighter spaces, which somewhat dilutes the convenience of its cordless design.

Customer Reviews

Having explored the PINETAN UA807 vacuum, I’ve noticed a consistent trend in buyer feedback.

The majority of users acknowledge the vacuum’s versatility in suction settings and the convenience of a large dust bag.

Owners have enjoyed the ability to adjust the vacuum’s suction to match different cleaning needs, though some wish the instructions were clearer.

Noisy operation could be an issue unless one is willing to sacrifice suction power for quietness.

On the downside, some customers express disappointment with its performance on carpets.

The absence of a beater bar on the carpet attachment seems to be a significant oversight for those expecting an industrial-grade vacuum.

Additionally, questions have been raised about the durability of the vacuum, with a few users comparing it unfavorably to more robust brands like Miele.

The design gets mixed reviews—while the vacuum is visually appealing and lightweight, a longer power cord and better suction for heavier debris have been cited as areas for potential improvement.

Users transitioning from old canister models or switching from stick vacuums note the UA807’s bulkiness as a minor inconvenience.


Having had the opportunity to put the PINETAN UA807 through its paces, I can say that it has been a mixed bag of experiences.

The vacuum’s ability to adjust suction power is a genuine advantage, allowing for more delicate cleaning when necessary. The quiet operation at lower settings is also appreciable, especially if you’re after a less intrusive sound during your cleaning routine.

The 4.5 L dust bag is certainly spacious, making it convenient for longer cleaning sessions without the need for frequent replacements.

On the flip side, some limitations are worth noting.

Despite its impressive features, the UA807 isn’t as strong as some might prefer on heavier carpeting. The lack of a beater bar in the carpet attachment does reduce its effectiveness.

Furthermore, maneuverability is an issue; the hose has a tendency to snag, detracting from an otherwise lightweight and easy-to-use design.

Its build doesn’t scream ‘industrial strength’, so if you’re looking for a workhorse, this may not meet your expectations.

Overall, the UA807 sits comfortably in a more modest bracket. It doesn’t outperform the top-tier machines, but for those with regular home cleaning needs and a preference for quieter operation, it does offer reasonable value.

Just don’t expect it to handle more demanding tasks with the same aplomb. The UA807 is adequate for day-to-day cleaning, but it’s worth considering your specific needs before making the purchase.


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