Moolan Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review: Top Floor Care?

As someone who appreciates a clean living space but dreads the tangle of cords, I’ve been on the hunt for a cordless vacuum that doesn’t compromise on power. During my search, I came across the Moolan cordless vacuum cleaner. One of the first things I noticed was its lightweight design, which made it a breeze to whip around furniture and up the stairs without any hassle.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the strong suction power that didn’t falter, even when picking up the cat hair that seems to weave its way into every nook and cranny. The flexibility of the 180° rotating brush head illuminated by LED lights made it easier to spot and vacuum up hidden debris. The two HEPA filters were a bonus, capturing fine particles and improving the air quality as I cleaned.

Moolan Cordless Vacuum

Considering battery life is a common concern with cordless options, I found the 40-minute runtime more than adequate for my one-bedroom apartment. While it’s not the powerhouse that some heavy-duty, corded vacuums are, it holds its own in daily upkeep and quick cleanups. The 1.2L dust cup capacity means less frequent emptying, which is a nice touch. For those who have more ground to cover or need to tackle deeper carpets, it may not completely replace a traditional vacuum, but it’s an excellent supplement for regular maintenance.

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Bottom Line

The Moolan vacuum is a strong contender if you’re searching for a lightweight and versatile cleaning tool for your home.

Its effective filtration system, user-friendly design, and the convenience of being cordless are significant plusses.

For a daily quick clean or those hard-to-reach areas, it definitely makes the job easier. Grab your Moolan Cordless Vacuum here and see the difference for yourself.

Moolan Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Overview

After giving the Moolan a thorough test run, I’m ready to share my thoughts. This versatile stick vacuum impressed me with its powerful suction, which makes quick work of pet hair and debris on various surfaces. Despite its light frame, it packed a punch on my hardwood floors and short pile carpets. The dual washable HEPA filters, enhancing the air quality by trapping fine particles, saved me from sneezes while vacuuming.

The vacuum’s adaptability was a highlight; it maneuvers effortlessly due to the flexible brush head and an adjustable rod, reaching all those awkward nooks. I was able to clean under furniture with the help of the LED lights on the brush head, which illuminated every speck of dust—it felt rather futuristic.

Battery life was sufficient for my needs; I managed a full cleaning session on a single charge without a hitch. The 1.2L dust cup was spacious enough to handle several cleanings before being emptied, which is done with a simple one-touch mechanism—no mess on hands.

However, not everything about the Moolan was perfect. I noticed it may not satisfy those with deep-pile carpets, as the suction, while strong, doesn’t match that of a heavy-duty upright vacuum. Also, don’t expect this to perform like a specialized pet hair vacuum, but for everyday cleaning, it holds its own.

For anyone seeking a light, nimble, and capable cleaning companion, this could be a worthwhile consideration. It’s especially fitting for quick clean-ups and those smaller living spaces where storage and convenience are key.

Key Features

After putting the Moolan Stick Vacuum to the test, I’ve had the chance to experience its performance firsthand. Here’s my take on the key features that might influence your decision-making.

Powerful Suction and Motor

The first thing I noticed with this vacuum was the strength of its suction. On the highest setting, it efficiently whisked away pet hair and debris from various surfaces such as hardwood and tile. I found that in MAX mode, the digital motor offered ample power to handle even tricky messes like spilt cereal, cutting down on the time I usually spend on cleaning.

Advanced Filtration System

What sets this model apart is its 5-stage filtration system with dual HEPA filters. They trap fine particles efficiently, leaving the air in my home feeling cleaner. After continuous usage, I observed that the dust and allergens that typically trigger my allergies were less of an issue. Regular maintenance is key, though; I recommend rinsing the filters biweekly to maintain optimal performance.

Versatile Cleaning with Adjustable Rod

Maneuverability is a game-changer with the Moolan Stick Vacuum. Its adjustability, with a telescoping rod and a flexible brush head, allows me to reach every nook. Cleaning under the furniture and around obstacles is simpler because of the 180° rotation capacity. The lightweight nature adds to the convenience, making the vacuum my go-to for quick and thorough cleanups.

Long-Lasting Battery

The battery life is quite impressive. On a single charge, I can vacuum my entire apartment without worrying about running out of power. The lower suction setting lasts about 40 minutes, which suffices for routine cleaning. And conveniently, the battery pack is detachable, allowing me to charge it separately while I tidy up elsewhere.

Innovative Brush Head with LED Lights

Finally, the roller brush head equipped with LED lights is a thoughtful addition. It illuminates hidden dust under furniture, ensuring I don’t miss spots. When the dust cup fills up, I appreciate the easy, mess-free disposal system that prevents unwanted contact with the collected dirt.

These features combine to create a cleaning experience that’s effortless and effective. The vacuum’s limitations, such as suction performance on high-pile carpets, are worth considering relative to your specific needs. However, for my everyday use, it’s proven to be a reliable and user-friendly appliance.

Ease of Use

In my time with the Moolan stick vacuum, I found it to be an incredibly user-friendly device. The lightweight design made it effortless to maneuver around furniture and into tight spaces. I didn’t struggle when taking it upstairs or to different parts of my home thanks to its cordless nature. One standout feature for me was the 180° rotating head which allowed for easy navigation.

The simple maintenance is also worth mentioning. Cleaning and servicing it was straightforward – it didn’t require much effort to keep it running smoothly. I particularly appreciated how quickly I could empty the dustbin without making a mess, which is a huge plus for anyone who values convenience.

However, it’s only fair to point out that while it works wonders on hardwood floors and light debris, it doesn’t quite match the deep-cleaning power that some might expect for tougher jobs or dense carpeting. And for those with shedding pets, I noticed it’s decent but may not entirely replace a more robust vacuum that specializes in pet hair pickup.

With all that said, if you’re in the market for a simple, hassle-free cleaning tool for everyday use, this little gem might just make your day-to-day a bit lighter.

Maintenance and Durability

From personal experience, the Moolan stick vacuum has proven to be fairly straightforward when it comes to maintenance. The twin washable HEPA filters make it a breeze to ensure continuous efficient cleaning. I make it a point to clean the filters and brush every couple of weeks, which seems to keep everything in top form. The construction feels durable, capable of withstanding the regular wear and tear of household cleaning.

One caveat I’ve noticed, however, is the need to be vigilant about hair and larger pieces of debris that can clog the roller. This requires an occasional check-up to prevent blockages, which isn’t too cumbersome with the provided cleaning gadget.

Battery upkeep is equally important; keeping it charged ensures it’s always ready for a 40-minute run on a lower suction setting, although heavy-duty use will reduce this to about 20 minutes. I find the LED lights on the roller brush head immensely helpful for spotting dirt in dark places, and the 1.2L dust cup is generous, reducing the frequency of emptying it.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the vacuum’s performance and durability. It works well for its intended purpose, with the build quality feeling solid for a cordless model. The careful attention to regular cleaning of the brush and filters goes a long way to extend its lifespan.

Pros and Cons

Having recently had the chance to use the Moolan Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, I can share some thoughts from my firsthand experience. Its design and functionality offer a mix of benefits and drawbacks which are worth considering before making a purchase decision.


  • The vacuum delivers powerful suction, especially on its MAX mode, making short work of pet hair and debris on a variety of surfaces.
  • A 5-stage efficient filtration system, featuring two washable HEPA filters, captures dust precisely, and is more effective than models with single filters.
  • The cordless design enhances maneuverability, and with a 180° rotating brush head, I could reach under and around furniture with less effort.
  • Boasting a 40-minute runtime on the lower suction setting, it’s adequate for most cleaning jobs without needing to recharge.
  • The addition of LED lights on the roller brush head is a game-changer for spotting hidden dust in dark areas—it illuminated every speck under the sofa and bed.


  • While the suction is solid, it is not quite on par with some heavier-duty vacuum models, which may be a concern for deep cleaning carpets.
  • I found that the vacuum can become clogged rather quickly and requires frequent unclogging, which interrupts the cleaning process.
  • The 1.2L dust cup capacity might necessitate frequent emptying, especially when tackling larger spaces or messier cleanups.
  • Some users might find that the suction power falls short when dealing with heavy-duty messes on carpeted surfaces, which isn’t ideal for homes with lots of rugs or carpeting.

Customer Reviews

Having recently had the chance to use the Moolan stick vacuum, I’ve noticed it strikes a balance for quick cleanups around the home. Lightweight and manageable, it glides across my hardwood floors with ease. It’s true that while it doesn’t match up to heavier-duty vacuums in suction, it makes up for it in convenience for surface-level cleaning. Some users might find it lacking on carpets, especially with pets.

The noise level is impressively quiet, a real advantage for those like me who prefer a less intrusive cleaning experience. That said, some users have voiced concerns about the vacuum getting clogged, and frustration could arise from repeated cleaning of the ducts in the middle of vacuuming.

One aspect I appreciate is the runtime. I’ve cleaned considerable areas of my place on a single charge without interruption. Although it doesn’t amaze in suction, especially when dealing with thicker cat hair, it does a fair job keeping the place tidy.

The vacuum’s design, adding to the convenience, allows for easy monitoring of the dirt canister. Knowing when to empty it without guesswork is a small but significant plus. The cordless feature becomes a major win for users like one who lives with a visual impairment, ensuring safe navigation without any cord entanglement.

Overall, this handy vacuum addresses basic cleaning needs without the bells and whistles of more robust models. It’s a practical choice for those valuing ease over deep cleaning prowess.


After using the Moolan Cordless Vacuum for several tasks around my home, it’s clear that this lightweight cleaner is apt for quick and hassle-free maintenance, particularly on hardwood floors. Its 180° rotating head and cordless design offered me a liberating cleaning experience, unmarred by tangled cords or restricted movement. While it excels in maneuverability and ease of use—gliding effortlessly and being easily serviceable—it’s important to recognize its limitations in suction power compared to heavier, more robust vacuums.

However, its quieter operation was a definite plus. I found that for daily surface clean-ups and hard-to-reach areas, it performed admirably. I did experience some clogging issues when picking up larger debris, which was a tad frustrating. Also, pet owners or those with thicker carpets may find the suction inadequate for more demanding tasks.

In essence, the Moolan Stick Vacuum stands out for its convenience and lightweight handling. It’s a great fit for those in search of a straightforward, no-fuss vacuum cleaner for light to medium usage. If you are looking for deep-cleaning capabilities, though, you might want to continue exploring options. Overall, for the right user, this vacuum can be quite the handy tool to keep your space tidy.