Girnoor Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner G165 Review: Top Pick?

When we got our hands on the Girnoor Stick Vacuum, we felt immediately drawn to its promise of versatility and convenience in household cleaning. We know how tedious and cumbersome cleaning can become, so we were eager to see if this vacuum could indeed make the task more effortless.

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Our testing revealed that the 600W motor delivers a robust suction of 20Kpa, making it a versatile tool for tackling dirt and pet hair across various surfaces. We were particularly impressed with the LED floor brush that illuminated the path ahead, highlighting crumbs and dust even in low-light conditions.

Girnoor Stick Vacuum

We noticed the clever design of a 6-in-1 stick vacuum, which allows transitioning from a stick to a handheld vacuum in no time. The self-standing feature offers a practical solution for quick pauses during clean-up without the need to lean it on walls or furniture.

As for user comfort, the vacuum is lightweight, enhancing maneuverability around furniture and tight spaces. The added multi-tool attachments cater to diverse cleaning needs, from hardwood floors to high drapes.

Bottom Line

If a hassle-free cleaning session is what you’re after, this Girnoor vacuum does not disappoint. Its suction power, versatility, and thoughtfully engineered accessories make it a smart addition to any cleaning arsenal.

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Girnoor Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner: A Game Changer in Home Cleaning

In our quest for a spotless home, we came across the Girnoor Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum impressed us with its strong suction of 20Kpa, powered by a 600W motor. It tackles pet hair, cat litter, and fine debris with ease, leaving floors immaculate.

The self-standing design eliminates the need for propping the vacuum against walls, which is a real space saver. Its cord organization system also adds to the overall tidiness, preventing the usual tangle of cords.

Another highlight is the multi-layer HEPA filtration system that captures tiny dust particles. Its cyclone technology prevents the vacuum from clogging, ensuring consistent performance.

This vacuum is also incredibly light, weighing just over 3 pounds at the main motor. It transitions smoothly from a stick to a handheld vacuum, offering flexibility with two additional attachments for detailed cleaning jobs.

The LED-lit motorized floor brush is a standout feature, revealing hidden dirt as it swivels easily across various surfaces. However, if you have thick carpets, you may find it a tad difficult to push.

It is evident that the vacuum is designed to handle various cleaning tasks. The dust brush and crevice tool convert to six different combinations, proving handy for furniture, car interiors, and tricky corners.

Lastly, our appreciation for this vacuum’s consistent power is immense, especially when compared to cordless models that may lose charge after cleaning just one room. The Girnoor vacuum maintains its power throughout cleaning, leaving your home spotlessly clean.

Key Features

Unmatched Powerful Suction

Having put the G165 to the test across multiple surfaces, we cannot help but be impressed by the robust suction power that this vacuum offers. Equipped with a 600W motor, this stick vacuum doesn’t shy away from challenging debris that often litters our floors, such as pet hair and fine dust particles. Cleaning becomes significantly more efficient, especially when it’s delivered with minimal noise disturbance.

Innovative Self-Supporting Design

The self-standing feature of the G165 deserves a special mention. Unlike other vacuums that need to lean against a support, we found the convenience of parking this vacuum anywhere we wanted to be a game-changer. Its smart storage feature, with integrated cord hooks, eliminates the messy look of cords and adds to the living space’s overall tidiness.

Advanced 4-Stage Filtration

The four-layer deep HEPA filtration system offers more than just a clean floor; it provides peace of mind, especially for those of us concerned about air quality. By trapping microscopic particles as minute as 0.7um, our homes are shielded from the potential allergens that commonly escape less advanced vacuums. Clean air is assured after every vacuuming session.

Versatile Lightweight & Multifunction Utility

Weighing just a bit over 3 pounds, the main motor unit’s lightness stands out as a significant plus for the G165. Maneuvering the vacuum with one hand through various household terrains became a breeze. Transitioning from a stick vacuum to a handheld is seamless and makes us feel like cleaning maestros, effortlessly adapting to any situation that demands attention.

Enhanced Flexible LED Motorized Floor Brush

Navigating under furniture and into the dimly lit nooks and crannies can be a real hassle; however, that’s not the case with the G165’s motorized floor brush. Its 180° and 90° pivoting capabilities coupled with bright LED lights illuminates hidden dust bunnies, ensuring a thorough clean that leaves no corner of the home untouched.

Through the use of the G165, it is clear why each of these features is key to the product’s success. From its powerful suction that captures a wide range of debris to the punctilious filtration and well-thought-out design features, the Girnoor G165 stands as a commendable ally in the ceaseless battle against dirt and clutter in our homes.

Pros and Cons

In our experience handling various cleaning machines, we believe the Girnoor Vacuum strikes an interesting balance in functionality and convenience. However, like any product, it comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Let’s break them down.


  • Suction Power: The 600W motor delivers strong suction, rated at 20Kpa, robust enough for pet hair and fine particles. In our testing, it passed with flying colors, especially on hard surfaces and area rugs.
  • Self-Standing Design: We found the self-support feature quite practical, saving us the hassle of finding wall support or worrying about the vacuum tipping over.
  • Effective Filtration: The 4-layer HEPA filtration system is impressive. We noticed that it captures fine dust effectively, which is particularly helpful for those with allergies.
  • Light and Versatile: Weighing just over 3 pounds, the main body is easy to carry around. Converting from stick to handheld takes mere seconds, allowing to reach every nook and cranny.
  • Illuminating LED Brush: The vacuum’s floor brush includes LED lights, a feature we appreciated while uncovering hidden dirt in darker corners.
  • Accessory Range: Multiple cleaning tasks are a breeze with the included dust brush and crevice tool. The vacuum’s ability to adapt to various scenarios with these accessories was very evident in our use.


  • Weight Distribution: Although lightweight, we noticed the design places more weight at the top, which might become a little cumbersome during prolonged use.
  • Construction Quality: A few components felt less durable, and while we encountered no issues during our trials, it raises some concerns about long-term robustness.
  • Difficulty on High Pile Carpet: It handles hardwood and low-pile rugs well but pushing it over thicker carpets required extra effort.
  • Corded Design Limitation: While the cord ensures consistent power, it may limit range somewhat, depending on outlet availability. In larger areas, we found ourselves needing to switch outlets.

After using the Girnoor Vacuum firsthand, the pros certainly added ease and efficiency to our cleaning routines, yet we did observe some aspects that could be improved upon for an even better user experience.

Customer Reviews

We’ve had our fair share of experiences with the Girnoor Stick Vacuum and we’ve noticed a pattern in what people are commenting on. Most users find its suction impressive, especially on hardwood floors and rugs, making daily cleanups a breeze. The vacuum is praised for its ease of assembly and the convenience of emptying the canister. And while we’ve seen some concerns about the weight distribution – heavier at the top – it doesn’t detract from the overall positive feedback on its lightweight design and handy attachments.

However, we’ve observed a mixed bag when it comes to durability. While the vacuum performs well out of the gate, some users have reported a decline in the integrity of the parts over time. The bottom line is that it’s a hit for those needing a small, potent cleaner for spaces without a lot of carpeting, and the corded feature eliminates any worry about running out of battery mid-clean. If you have long hair or several pets, though, be prepared for potential clogging—so this little trooper might need some extra patience and maintenance.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

We’ve found that the Girnoor G165 strikes an impressive balance between powerful performance and user-friendly design. Its lightweight frame, weighing in at just over 3 pounds for the main motor, allows for swift one-handed operation. Transitioning from a stick vacuum to a handheld is a breeze, making it adaptable for various cleaning tasks.

In our experience, the self-supporting feature is a standout – no need to find a wall to prop this vacuum against during brief pauses in cleaning. The added convenience of cord hooks offers an easy storage solution without dealing with tangled messes.

Maintenance is straightforward; the canister is simple to empty, and we appreciate not having to touch the mess. However, it’s worth noting that users with long hair may need to clear the brush of tangles more frequently. Despite this, the G165’s strong suction and easy-to-clean filters uphold a consistent performance.

On the downside, some have reported that durability could improve over time, with joint locks and wand construction seeming less robust. Nevertheless, its multitudinous attachments handle a variety of cleaning jobs diligently, and the LED-lit floor brush reveals hidden dirt, ensuring a thorough clean even in dim areas.


After extensive use, we found that the Girnoor Stick Vacuum is a solid choice for those needing a reliable corded option. The vacuum excels on hardwood floors and carpets, demonstrating impressive suction power and ease of maneuverability. We appreciatively noted that it hasn’t left us powerless mid-clean—a common plight with cordless models.

Feedback from a variety of users highlights its ease of assembly and the convenience of a self-standing design. Its lightweight nature is a boon, although a little top-heavy for some. The provided attachments enhance versatility, and the LED floor brush is a thoughtful touch for dark corners.

We did notice that with heavier sheddings, such as long hair, it can require frequent unclogging. And although the construction feels somewhat flimsy, particularly at the joints, overall usability isn’t majorly affected. Ideal for smaller homes or areas with less carpeting, this vacuum brings the comfort of steady power and a hassle-free experience.