Dirt Devil Vacuum Not Suctioning: Here’s How to Fix It!

Is your Dirt Devil vacuum not suctioning as well as it should be?

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A lack of suction in a Dirt Devil vacuum can be frustrating and impact the effectiveness of your cleaning routine, but don’t worry! There are a few things you can do to fix the problem 🙂

In this post, I’ll show you how to troubleshoot and fix a Dirt Devil vacuum that’s not suctioning properly.

I’ll also give you some tips on how to prevent the problem from happening again in the future 🙂

Dirt Devil Vacuum Not Suctioning – In a Nutshell

The most common causes of suction loss in a Dirt Devil vacuum are clogged filters, a blocked vacuum hose, and a full dust bin. It is essential to clean or replace the filters as recommended by the manufacturer, as well as checking for blockages and clearing any debris that may be preventing the air from flowing correctly.

How To Fix The Lack of Suction in a Dirt Devil Vacuum?

Let’s take a look at each potential cause to see if we can get your Dirt Devil back up and running 🙂

1. Clean the filter and dust cup

To improve the suction of a Dirt Devil vacuum, it is important to regularly clean the filter and dust cup.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Turn off and unplug the vacuum before removing the dust cup and filter.
  2. Empty the dust cup and dispose of any debris.
  3. Remove the filter and tap it gently to remove any loose debris.
  4. Rinse the filter under cool running water until the water runs clear.
  5. Squeeze out excess water from the filter and let it air dry completely before replacing it.
  6. Wipe the inside of the dust cup with a damp cloth and let it dry completely before replacing it.

You should clean the filter and thoroughly rinse the dust cup every 3-6 months, or more often if the vacuum is used frequently.

2. Clean the brush roll

A clean brush roll is essential for maintaining the suction power of your Dirt Devil vacuum.

Over time, hair, lint, and debris can accumulate on the brush roll, causing it to become less effective in picking up dirt.

Here is how to clean the brush roll of your Dirt Devil vacuum.

Tools needed:

  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning brush

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Turn off and unplug the vacuum before cleaning the brush roll.
  2. Locate the brush roll on the underside of the vacuum nozzle.
  3. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the brush roll cover in place.
  4. Carefully remove the brush roll from the nozzle.
  5. Use scissors to cut any hair or string that is wrapped around the brush roll.
  6. Use a cleaning brush to remove any remaining debris from the brush roll.
  7. Check the end caps of the brush roll for any hair or debris, and clean if necessary.
  8. Reassemble the brush roll by placing it back into the nozzle and securing the cover with screws.

I advise cleaning the brush roll at least once a month , or more frequently if you have pets or frequently vacuum high-traffic areas.

Neglecting to clean the brush roll can cause it to become clogged, leading to a decrease in suction power and potential damage your Dirt Devil vacuum’s motor.

3. Replace the filter if necessary

Having a clean filter is crucial for a Dirt Devil vacuum to maintain optimal suction power.

Over time, the filter can wear out and washing it will no longer be enough.

Here are the steps to follow when replacing the filter:

  1. Locate the filter: The filter is usually located near the dustbin or in the vacuum’s motor housing. Refer to the owner’s manual if you’re unsure where to find it.
  2. Remove the old filter: Carefully remove the old filter from the vacuum. Be sure to dispose of it properly.
  3. Install the new filter: Insert the new filter into the vacuum, making sure it’s securely in place.
  4. Test the suction: Turn on the vacuum and test the suction. If the suction is still weak, check for other possible issues like blockages or a full dustbin.

Refer to the owner’s manual for recommended filter replacement intervals, which typically range from every 3-6 months depending on usage.

4. Make sure the hose is connected properly and is not damaged

Another thing that can cause lack of suction in a Dirt Devil vacuum is not having the hose connected correctly or using a damaged hose:

  1. First, unplug your unit before attempting any adjustments and refer to your manual for proper instructions.
  2. Check all hose connections for leaks and make sure they are properly attached.
  3. Check hoses for clogs, crimps, twists, or pinches.

If necessary, replace the hose with a new one.

5. Adjust the suction settings

Adjusting the suction settings on a Dirt Devil vacuum can greatly improve its suction performance.

The suction control switch can be found on the body of the vacuum and adjusting it to the desired level can help solve the issue.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to adjust the suction settings:

  1. Locate the suction control switch on the body of the Dirt Devil vacuum. It is usually located near the handle or on the front of the vacuum.
  2. Turn on the vacuum and place it in the upright position.
  3. Adjust the suction control switch to the desired level. The switch may have different settings for different types of surfaces, such as carpet or hardwood floors.
  4. Test the vacuum on different surfaces to ensure that the suction is at the desired level and that the vacuum is picking up dirt and debris effectively.


As you can see, if your Dirt Devil vacuum isn’t suctioning there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

With a little effort, you should be able to fix your vacuum and get it working again.

And remember: regularly checking for obstructions in your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner will help you avoid suction problems in the future.

Proper maintenance of the vacuum cleaner will not only keep it working effectively but will also prolong its lifespan 🙂