Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum Review: Worth It?

I’ve spent countless hours testing and analyzing various commercial vacuum cleaners, and Bissell’s Big Green Commercial Vacuum stands out as a top contender. There’s no denying the hype around this machine – it’s touted for its high-powered suction, robust build, and efficient cleaning capabilities. But does it live up to the claims? I’ll let you in on my firsthand experience with this powerhouse of a cleaner.

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To say that Bissell has designed a beast of a vacuum would be an understatement. Right off the bat, it’s clear that this machine is built for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. It’s got a sturdy frame, large wheels for easy maneuverability, and an impressive motor that doesn’t shy away from picking up even the most stubborn debris.

But what really makes the Bissell Big Green shine are its innovative features. From dual motors to multi-surface cleaning capacity, each aspect of this vacuum screams efficiency. Let me break down some of these key elements in detail so you can see why I’m genuinely impressed by what Bissell has brought to the table with their Big Green Commercial Vacuum.

Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum: An Overview

I’ve spent countless hours researching and testing vacuum cleaners, and I can say without a doubt that the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum is a game-changer. It’s an investment, sure, but it’s one of those investments you’ll never regret making. After using it for weeks on various surfaces, I can vouch for its impressive cleaning power.

Let me start by talking about its powerful suction. The Bissell Big Green sports a robust motor that delivers superior suction capability. Whether it’s stubborn pet hair or deep-seated dirt in your carpet fibers – this vacuum doesn’t discriminate; it gets them all! What’s more, despite such high-power output, the machine manages to keep noise levels surprisingly low.

One feature that really stands out is the large capacity dirt bag. Nothing irks me more than having to frequently empty the dust bin in the middle of my cleaning spree. Thankfully with its 1-gallon capacity dirt bin – yes you read right – one gallon; interruptions are kept to a minimum!

Another point worth mentioning is how user-friendly this machine is. Its ergonomic handle design makes maneuvering around furniture feel like a breeze! Plus, with the cord length clocking at 50 feet (you heard me), there aren’t many spots in your house this beast can’t reach.

Lastly, let’s not forget about durability – an essential factor when investing in any appliance. With its sturdy build quality and commercial-grade components, I have no doubts about this vacuum cleaner standing up against time and vigorous use.

To sum things up:

  • Powerful yet quiet motor
  • Large 1-gallon dirt bin
  • Ergonomic design with an extensive cord
  • Durable build

With these features packed into one machine – it’s easy to see why I’m raving about the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum.

Key Features of Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum

Let’s dive right into the world of commercial vacuum cleaners, specifically the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum. This impressive cleaner boasts a plethora of features that make it stand out in a crowded market.

One key feature that I can’t ignore is its powerful suction capability. It’s powered by an extra-large DirtLifter PowerBrush that digs deep to eliminate set-in dirt and stains from carpets. This beast of a machine is not just for surface cleaning; it ensures every last bit of grime is extracted from your carpets.

Another striking aspect is its large capacity clean and dirty water tanks, which allow for less frequent emptying and refilling while cleaning. The clean water tank holds up to 1.75 gallons, while the dirty water tank has a capacity of 1.58 gallons – quite sizable for any commercial vacuum!

In addition to these stellar features, the Bissell Big Green comes with a flow indicator monitor that signals when it’s time to check tanks and adjust settings. No more guesswork involved as this handy tool takes care of all the monitoring for you.

The versatility factor must also be highlighted here. This vacuum doesn’t restrict itself to carpet cleaning alone; it can effectively clean hard surfaces too! Plus it has an adjustable handle, making maneuverability a breeze irrespective of your height or cleaning area.

Finally, let me draw attention towards its long-lasting durability assured by top-quality construction materials used in building this robust appliance – certainly worth mentioning when discussing key features!

To sum up:

  • Powerful Suction
  • Large Capacity Tanks (clean: 1.75 gal., dirty: 1.58 gal.)
  • Flow Indicator Monitor
  • Versatility (carpets & hard surfaces)
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Durability

That does an overview justice on what makes the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum such an appealing choice among professional-grade cleaners!

Ease of Use and Performance Analysis

Let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty of what makes the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum a contender in the cleaning world. I’ve spent ample time testing this beast on multiple surfaces, and I’m eager to share my findings.

First off, setting up the vacuum is a breeze. It’s one of those machines where you won’t find yourself wrestling with a confusing manual or fumbling around with complicated parts. Everything fits together intuitively, allowing you to get straight to work.

Next, we need to talk about its performance. The suction power of the Bissell Big Green is impressive, making short work of dirt and debris on carpets and hard floors alike. Its high-capacity dirt bin ensures that you’re not constantly interrupting your cleaning session just to empty out its contents.

The vacuum also boasts top-notch maneuverability. Now, it’s not exactly lightweight – but it rolls smoothly across various surfaces without issue. This means less strain on your part when you’re trying to navigate around furniture or reach those tricky corners.

Finally, let’s discuss noise levels – a factor often overlooked but nonetheless important for maintaining peace at home or in an office space. In my experience, the Bissell Big Green runs relatively quiet compared to other commercial-grade vacuums I’ve used before.

In summary:

  • Set-up: Intuitive and hassle-free
  • Performance: Exceptional suction power
  • Maneuverability: Smooth despite its weight
  • Noise Level: Surprisingly quiet for a commercial vacuum

All these factors contribute significantly towards making Bissell Big Green an efficient tool that doesn’t compromise on comfort during use.

Comparing Bissell Big Green with Competitors

Diving right into the comparison, it’s clear that the Bissell Big Green commercial vacuum has a significant amount of competition. From popular brands like Hoover and Dyson to lesser-known manufacturers, there are many options on the market. So, let’s see how Bissell stacks up against some of these rivals.

First off, we can’t ignore Dyson. Known for their powerful suction and innovative designs, Dyson vacuums are often seen as industry leaders. But when comparing their commercial models to the Bissell Big Green, there is an evident contrast in price points. While Dyson’s products typically come with hefty price tags, the Bissell Big Green offers similar performance at a fraction of the cost.

Hoover is another competitor worth mentioning. Although they offer a wide range of products for various cleaning needs, few match up to the raw power of the Bissell Big Green when it comes to deep carpet cleaning.

Then there’s Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS – this lightweight model is popular among consumers who value maneuverability over everything else. However, its lighter build means less power compared to our star player – The Bissell Big Green.

Lastly let’s talk about Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum which enjoys considerable popularity for its swivel steering feature and lift-away handheld mode functionality but falls behind in terms of robustness and durability when put head-to-head with our champ – The Bissell Big Green.

To sum it all up:

  • Bissel vs Dyson
    • Similar performance
    • Lower cost
  • Bissel vs Hoover
    • Superior deep carpet cleaning capabilities
  • Bisssell vs Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS
    • More substantial build
    • Greater power
  • Bisssell vs Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum
    • More robust
    • More durable

It’s clear that while each brand brings something unique to table in terms of design or features; overall – whether we’re talking about cost-effectiveness or power – I’d say that none outshine our hero: The mighty Bissell Big-Green.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum

I’ve spent hours poring over customer reviews of the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum. Let’s say, it’s apparent that this machine has made quite a splash in the cleaning world.

Most users rave about its strong suction power. One review said, “It’s like having a professional cleaner at your disposal.” The vacuum’s ability to pull up deep-set dirt and debris from carpets seems to be a crowd favorite. It’s often lauded for leaving carpets looking brand new after just one use.

Its effectiveness on various surfaces was another highlight among customers’ feedback. Users noted that it worked wonders not only on carpets but also hard floors, rugs, and upholstery. This versatility is definitely a plus point for those seeking an all-in-one cleaning solution.

A few negative points did emerge from some reviews though, mostly citing its size and weight as potential drawbacks. Some found it cumbersome to navigate around tight spaces or carry upstairs. However, others countered that by saying that the superior cleaning results were worth the extra effort.

Interestingly enough, aside from these minor complaints, I noticed many reviewers expressing their satisfaction with the durability of this vacuum cleaner. Many claimed they had been using theirs for years without any major issues – quite impressive!

Here are some key takeaways based on customer reviews:

  • Strong suction power.
  • Effective on multiple surfaces.
  • Can be heavy and bulky – may not suit everyone.
  • Praised for its durability.

In essence, while there might be a tradeoff between size/weight versus performance/durability with the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum, most users seem content with what they’re getting out of this powerhouse machine!

Concluding Thoughts on the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum

After extensive testing and analysis, I’ve found that the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum lives up to its reputation. It’s an impressive piece of equipment that truly brings commercial grade cleaning power to your home or business.

The vacuum’s high-capacity dirt tank and powerful suction capability make it a standout choice for tackling large, messy areas. You’ll find yourself making fewer trips to empty the dust bin, which is a big time saver when you’re knee-deep in cleaning tasks. Besides, its adjustable brush roll height allows it to handle various floor types with ease.

One of the features I appreciate most about this vacuum is its robust construction. It’s built like a tank, yet maneuverable enough for everyday use. You don’t need to worry about replacing this machine any time soon – it’s made to last.

Here are some key takeaways from my review:

  • High-capacity dirt tank
  • Powerful suction
  • Adjustable brush roll height
  • Robust and durable construction

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum if you’re looking for a reliable machine that can handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks with relative ease. This vacuum isn’t just big on size; it’s big on performance too.

Keep in mind though, as with all products there may be minor drawbacks depending on personal preference or specific needs. For instance, some might find it heavy or bulky – but remember we’re talking about a commercial-grade appliance here!

To wrap things up: The Bissell Big Green Commercial Vacuum offers value by combining efficient cleaning performance with durability and convenience. Whether you run janitorial services or simply want top-notch cleanliness at home, this vacuum could very well be your next best investment in cleaning technology!


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