Bissell 2998 vs 2999: Comprehensive Comparison Review

When it comes to keeping your home clean, choosing the right vacuum can be a game-changer. I’ve had the opportunity to test both the Bissell 2998 and the Bissell 2999 upright vacuums, designed primarily for pet owners who need to tackle a variety of surfaces. Both models are similar in foundational aspects, yet they exhibit nuances in features and functionality which could influence a buyer’s decision. In my experience, the Bissell 2998 and 2999 have demonstrated their ability to handle pet hair and debris effectively, but there are several differences that stand out between the two.

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I’ve noted that while both vacuums offer powerful suction, the Bissell 2998 comes with LED headlights, which the 2999 lacks. This feature significantly enhances visibility, especially in darker areas or under furniture. The hose length is another difference; the Bissell 2999 allows for additional reach with its 9-foot hose compared to the 2998 model’s 7-foot hose. Such details can matter greatly depending on the layout of your home and your cleaning preferences. My hands-on experience with these appliances allowed me to appreciate the subtle yet impactful variations that could make a significant difference in routine cleaning tasks.

Key Takeaways

  • Both the Bissell 2998 and 2999 models excel in pet hair pick-up and debris removal.
  • The Bissell 2998 features LED headlights, unlike the Bissell 2999.
  • A 9-foot hose on the Bissell 2999 offers better reach compared to the 7-foot hose of the 2998.

Comparative Overview of Bissell 2998 and 2999

In my extensive testing, I’ve found that the Bissell 2998 and Bissell 2999 upright vacuums cater specifically to households with pets, but they each have unique features worthy of consideration.

Distinct Features

When examining the distinct features of each model, I noticed the Bissell 2998 boasts LED headlights to illuminate dark spaces, ensuring no speck of dust is missed. In contrast, the Bissell 2999 does not include this feature. Another key difference is the hose length; the Bissell 2998 has a 7-foot hose, while the Bissell 2999 offers a longer 9-foot hose for extended reach.

Design and Aesthetics

Regarding design and aesthetics, the Bissell 2998 presents a solid and sturdy build, with a design that reassures its durability and reliability for long-term use. As for the Bissell 2999, it shares a similar robust construction but stands out with its unique color scheme that distinguishes it from the 2998 model.

Suction and Cleaning Power

Both models excel in suction and cleaning power, featuring strong suction capabilities suitable for dealing with pet hair and allergens. My tests confirmed that both the Bissell 2998 and 2999 leverage multi-cyclonic suction and a motorized brush roll, effectively removing debris from various surfaces, whether it’s bare floors or carpeted areas.

Usability and Maneuverability

From a usability perspective, I found that both models are relatively easy to handle. The Bissell 2998 and 2999 are equipped with swivel steering, enhancing their maneuverability. The Bissell 2998’s lighter frame slightly edges out the 2999 in terms of ease of moving around furniture. However, the extra hose length on the Bissell 2999 improves its reach, making it especially handy for stairs and more expansive areas.

Specifics of Performance

In my extensive testing of the Bissell 2998 and 2999, I focused on their performance across various cleaning conditions. I paid close attention to suction control, carpet cleaning efficiency, and how well they handled on bare floors.

Suction Control

Both the Bissell 2998 and 2999 offer robust suction power, which is crucial for effective cleaning. I found that the 2998 model provides an intuitive Lift-Off feature, making it easy to transition from upright to a canister vacuum for targeted suction. This is particularly useful when dealing with concentrated debris or when cleaning above-ground areas. In contrast, the 2999, while it lacks the Lift-Off technology, still delivers consistent suction, which I found adequate for most standard cleaning tasks.

Carpet Cleaning Efficiency

When it comes to cleaning carpets, the Bissell 2998 excels, especially with its ability to remove pet hair efficiently. Its motorized brush roll digs deep into carpet fibers, pulling out dirt and hair that many cleaners miss. The 2998’s performance on carpets impressed me with its thoroughness, even in areas with a lot of foot traffic.

On the other hand, the Bissell 2999 doesn’t fall far behind. Although lacking the Lift-Off technology, it compensates with a longer hose that allows for extended reach, proving quite effective when tackling stairs or getting under furniture. I observed that the suction strength of the 2999 is more than sufficient to handle standard carpet cleaning demands.

Bare Floor Performance

I discovered that both models handle bare floors with ease. The Bissell 2998 shows a bit more versatility due to its detachable pod, facilitating the cleaning process of non-carpeted areas. The brush roll can be switched off to prevent scattering of debris, which maintains the cleanliness during the vacuuming process.

The Bissell 2999 manages bare floors well, but the lack of a Lift-Off feature means you’re relying solely on the upright unit. Despite this, its suction remains strong and reliable for picking up dirt and fine particles on hard surfaces.

Technological Advancements

In my experience testing the Bissell 2998 and 2999 models, I have focused particularly on their respective technological features. Both models incorporate cutting-edge technology aimed at enhancing the user experience, but they do have distinguishing features that cater to different cleaning needs.

Lift-Off Technology

The Bissell 2998 boasts an innovative Lift-Off Technology, which significantly enhances the versatility of the vacuum. As I conducted my tests, I was able to detach the canister from the main unit effortlessly, allowing me to reach and clean above-floor areas without hassle. This feature allows for a more adaptable cleaning session, enabling transitions from carpet to ceiling with ease.

Tangle-Free Brush Roll

A critical feature I examined in both models is the Tangle-Free Brush Roll. This design helps prevent hair wrap and tangling, which I’ve found to be especially beneficial for homes with pets. In my testing, the tangle-free brush roll in the Bissell 2998 and 2999 operated smoothly, reducing the need for manual cleaning and maintenance of the brush rolls.

HEPA Sealed Allergen System

I closely evaluated the HEPA Sealed Allergen System and found that both the 2998 and 2999 have a sealed filtration system, but the effectiveness of the HEPA filter in capturing allergens is particularly noteworthy. As I operated the vacuums, the HEPA filter efficiently trapped fine particles, such as pollen and dust mite waste, ensuring cleaner exhaust air. This feature is central for those concerned about indoor air quality and allergens.

Convenience Features

When comparing the Bissell 2998 and 2999, I focused on the practical features that streamline the cleaning process. Each of these vacuums offers unique elements designed to enhance ease of use and improve handling during routine cleanups.

Swivel Steering and Headlight

I found that the swivel steering on both vacuums dramatically improves maneuverability around furniture and tight corners. The Bissell 2998 stands out with its LED headlights, making it easier to spot dirt and debris in dimly lit areas. This was particularly helpful under furniture and in corners that are otherwise shadowed.

Dust Collection and Disposal

Both models incorporate a bagless design with easy-to-empty dust bins. The one-touch easy empty allows for quick and hassle-free disposal of collected debris. In terms of dust collection capacity, I noticed during testing that the bins accommodate a sufficient amount of dirt, reducing the need for frequent emptying during larger cleaning tasks.

Tools and Attachments

Throughout my testing I took advantage of the array of tools and attachments that come with both models. The Bissell 2998 features a versatile lift-off detachable pod, which enhances portability and allows for easy above-floor cleaning. A quick-release wand is available on both models for extended reach, and each has a set of specialized tools designed for various cleaning scenarios. However, the array of tools felt more complete with the Bissell 2998, with its lift-off technology enabling more flexibility in how and where I could clean.

User Comfort and Accessibility

When comparing the Bissell 2998 and 2999, I found that certain features distinctly influence user comfort and the overall cleaning experience. These aspects ranged from handling to noise levels, each contributing to the usability of the vacuums.

Handling and Ergonomics

In my use, the Bissell 2998 stood out for its Lift-Off feature. This allowed me to easily detach the canister from the cleaner head, making the vacuum significantly lighter during use. This was particularly handy when cleaning upholstery or areas that required a bit of lifting. As for the cleaning path width, both models offer a generous size, which meant fewer passes on my carpets.

Maintenance Ease

Maintenance is straightforward for both models. I found the dustbin easy to remove and empty without spilling debris, which is a boon for reducing exposure to allergens. When it comes to hose length, both vacuums have ample reach, but the 2998 provided a bit more flexibility due to the detachable canister, which simplified above-floor cleaning without needing to move the entire unit.

Noise Level and Vibration

Neither vacuum is overly loud, but if I had to choose, the 2998 operated with a slightly lower noise level during my testing. Vibration is minimal on both models, which is comforting during longer cleaning sessions. The efficient motor design seems to contribute to a smoother run, ensuring a more pleasant experience when tackling larger areas or when sensitive to noise and vibration.

Product Variations and Selection

In my experience with the Bissell 2998 and 2999, I’ve noted their distinct features tailored to different needs, especially concerning carpet type control and suitability for pet owners.

Carpet Type Control

Both models offer reliable performance on various carpet types. The Bissell 2998 shines with its adjustable brush roll, making it effortless for me to switch between low-pile carpets and high-pile rugs. The vacuum’s suction remains strong and consistent, which is critical for carpets with different pile heights.

Pet Owner Specific Features

As a pet owner, the struggle with pet hair is real. The Bissell 2999 impresses with its specialized pet tools, which I found particularly good at removing embedded hair. However, the 2998 goes a step further with its Lift-Off Technology, allowing me to easily detach the canister for portable cleaning of pet hair across furniture and tight spaces.

Vacuum Comparison with Competitors

I’ve compared these two Bissell models with others like the Shark Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus, Eureka, and Dyson. The Bissell duo holds its ground well, with the 2998 standing out for its versatility and the 2999 for its focused pet-hair cleaning abilities. In comparison, the Dyson vacuums are more powerful but at a higher price point, while Shark and Eureka options offer competitive, albeit sometimes less robust, features.

Purchase Considerations

When choosing between the Bissell 2998 and the 2999, it’s imperative to weigh the aspects of warranty and support, brand reputation, and the price value ratio. These factors directly affect the long-term satisfaction and value one derives from a product.

Warranty and Support

Warranty and Support should be paramount in your decision-making process. My experience with these two models has revealed that Bissell stands behind their products with a substantial warranty period. It’s crucial to check the specifics of the warranty coverage for parts and labor, as well as the availability of customer support. This can be crucial if you encounter any issues during the lifetime of the vacuum. From my assessments, Bissell also contributes to the Bissell Pet Foundation, which might appeal to pet owners who appreciate brands that give back.

Brand Reputation

Bissell has a steady Brand Reputation for creating reliable pet vacuums, and this insight comes from extensive hands-on use. Their reputation is often reflected in Consumer Reports and customer reviews. Understanding the company’s history and commitment to innovation can provide reassurance about the longevity and effectiveness of the product. Having tested both models, I can attest to Bissell’s consistent quality and performance.

Price Value

Finally, Price Value is a crucial consideration. The 2998 and the 2999 models are priced differently, and deciding whether the additional features justify the price difference is key. For instance, analyzing the cost against the vacuum’s utility, durability, and inclusion of innovative features such as the optional brush rolls, has led me to find a high value proposition in both units.


After extensive testing of both the Bissell 2998 and 2999 upright vacuums, my observations are concise yet informative to help guide your decision-making process.

The Bissell 2998 stands out for its LED headlights, a feature which the 2999 lacks. These headlights make it easier to spot dirt and debris in dimly lit areas ensuring a thorough clean. Both models share a HEPA Sealed Allergen System, capturing 99.97% of dust and allergens, reinforcing their promise of delivering clean air.

Regarding versatility, both vacuums are equipped with optional brush rolls suitable for both bare and carpeted surfaces, catering to the needs of pet owners by effectively picking up pet hair and other messes. The 2998, however, gains a slight edge due to its Lift-Off technology—allowing me to detach the pod for portable cleaning.

In terms of user experience, I found the Bissell 2998’s design slightly more user-friendly. It promotes ease of maneuverability and comfort during extended cleaning sessions.

Here’s a quick comparison to sum it up:

FeatureBissell 2998Bissell 2999
LED HeadlightsYesNo
HEPA Sealed Allergen SystemYesYes
Optional Brush RollsYesYes
Lift-Off TechnologyYesNo

Your choice will ultimately depend on your specific cleaning requirements and whether the benefits of LED lights and Lift-Off technology align with your expectations for an upright vacuum.